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Winter Storm Warning for Emerald Isle - Snow and Ice Expected Overnight 


Emerald Isle is forecast to receive 2- 3 inches of snow overnight (early Thursday am hours), with rain / sleet / ice beginning Wednesday evening.  Road conditions are expected to be potentially dangerous later tonight, overnight, and tomorrow morning, so please avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.  NCDOT crews will be clearing snow and applying salt on NC 58 and the bridge as necessary. 

Town Offices

Town offices remain open until 5 pm today, and will reopen at 10 am on Thursday morning (additional delays or closures will be communicated if necessary). 

Community Center

The Community Center will close at 5 pm today, and will reopen at 10 am on Thursday morning (additional delays or closures will be communicated if necessary).

Trash Collection

Trash will NOT be collected on Thursday (soundside areas), however trash will be collected from the entire Town (both soundside and oceanside) on Friday.  Please do not put your trash container out at the curbside until Thursday afternoon, as strong wind gusts of up to 40 - 50 mph are anticipated overnight tonight.

Stay Informed!

The Town offers several platforms to keep you well-informed, and will provide additional public information as necessary.  

 - Visit the Town's website at  , 

 - Sign up for the Town's email newsletter at , 

 - Sign up for emergency text messages by texting keyword EMERALD to 797979 or by visiting , 

 - Visit the Town's Facebook page (Town of Emerald Isle, NC) , 

 - Folllow us on Twitter (@townemeraldisle), and/or

 - Download the Emerald Isle APP at the App Store or Google Play (seach for "Emerald Isle, NC" and look for the Town logo.  

Stay safe, and stay warm! 

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Restroom Facilities at Public Boat Launch Facility Temporarily Closed 


Please be advised that the restroom facilities at the Public Boat Launch Facility have been temporarily closed due to extreme cold temperatures. 

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Discard Used Christmas Trees @ Emerald Isle Public Boat Launching Facility OR @ Curbside 


We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day in Emerald Isle!  

When you take yours down, please either discard your used Christmas tree at the Emerald Isle Public Boat Launching Facility located at 6800 Emerald Drive, adjacent to Chapel By The Sea, OR  simply place the used tree at the curbside for pickup by the Town's yard waste collection team in the coming days.

If you drop off your tree at the public boat launching facility, the Town will work with other groups and attempt to use the discarded trees to help stabilize the dunes in Emerald Isle.  The designated drop-off area is marked, and is located in the southeast corner of the parking area, directly to the left of the entrance driveway to the public boat launching facility. 

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ANOTHER Proposed Homeowners Insurance Rate Increase - Submit Your Comments to the NC Department of Insurance by December 29! 


View letter sent by Mayor Eddie Barber on behalf of the Town of Emerald Isle.

The NC Rate Bureau, the entity representing NC insurance companies, has filed for ANOTHER significant rate increase for homeowners insurance (including wind and hail) in coastal North Carolina, including Emerald Isle. The NC Rate Bureau is now seeking a 25% increase in homeowners insurance rates for barrier islands, including Emerald Isle, and this latest request follows significant increases in 2005 (15% approved), 2007 (25% approved), 2009 (17.5% approved), and 2013 (19.8% approved), and a slight decrease in 2015 (5.6% decrease approved after a 35% increase was requested).  Rate increases of 40% have also been requested for tenants (renters) and condominium unit owners in 2017.  

The cumulative effect of the previously approved increases equates to a 91% increase from the 2005 approved rates to the 2015 approved rates.  If the current request is approved, the cumulative effect would equate to a 138% increase from the 2005 rates to the requested 2017 rates.  More notable, homeowners in Emerald Isle (and other barrier island communities) already pay the highest base rates for homeowners insurance in the entire State of North Carolina, with base rates as much as 4 - 5 times higher than many other areas.  If the 2017 request is approved, Emerald Isle's (and many other barrier island communities') rates will be nearly 6 times higher than some other areas of North Carolina. 

The current base rate in Emerald Isle (the rate before various adjustments, deductions, and credits are applied by your insurance company) for $200,000 worth of coverage is $2,648 per year, and this rate is proposed to increase to $3,310 per year in 2018!  This represents an increase of $662 per year, and this increase alone is more than the average annual Town property tax bill in Emerald Isle.  It is also important to note that many homes in Emerald Isle have more than $200,0000 worth of coverage, thus the more coverage, the more significant the increase.  The 2018 request, if approved, is likely to result in a $500 - $1,500 increase annually in the cost of homeowners insurance for Emerald Isle homeowners. For comparison, homeowners in Orange County currently pay $576, and the proposed base rate would increase to $669 annually.  Homeowners in some western areas of North Carolina currently pay a base rate of $553, and this rate would increase to $578.  

The 2017 request will be considered by the NC Department of Insurance in the coming weeks, and now is the time to submit your comments to the NC Department of Insurance if you are concerned about this issue! Public comments are due by December 29.  

The Town of Emerald Isle is concerned about this issue, has expressed its opposition several times in recent years, and will submit formal comments to the NC Department of Insurance next week.  If this issue is important to you, please consider submitting your own comments by sending an email to  before the December 29 deadline.  A sample letter is presented below for you to cut and paste if desired:

Dear Commissioner Causey, c/o Ms. Tricia Ford:

I am writing to you as a homeowner in Emerald Isle to request that you completely reject the requested 25% increase in base rates (40% for tenants and condominium unit owners) for Territory #120, and that you also work toward a fairer rate structure for homeowners insurance in coastal North Carolina.

The requested 25% rate increase follows four previous significant rate increases since 2005 that increased rates by 91%, and if the 2017 increase is implemented, the rates will have increased by 138% since that time. Homeowners in Emerald Isle (and the rest of Territory #120) already pay the highest base rates in the entire State.  Current base rates are already 4 - 5 times higher than many other areas of North Carolina, and the requested 25% increase will only increase this disparity further, with rates nearly 6 times higher than some other areas in North Carolina.  If the proposed rate increase is approved, it will likely add up to $1,000 of additional annual cost for the typical policy holder.    

This repeated pattern of significant rate increases represents a significant financial burden for homeowners, and this burden has a negative impact on family budgets, the regional tourism industry, and the local real estate market.  These increases are unfair and unreasonable.  We implore you to re-examine the entire rate structure for homeowners insurance policies in North Carolina, and work to narrow the disparity in costs between coastal areas and inland areas.  As coastal residents, we certainly recognize the risk of hurricane damage and expect to pay higher premiums than inland areas, however, rates that are 4, 5, and 6 times higher than other areas of the State are simply unfair. Additionally, recent experience in North Carolina suggests that current premiums are more than adequate to meet actual and expected claims. 

Thank you for your concern and attention to this issue.



Your Name

Your Address

To view a comparison of current and proposed base rates by area, please see the attached. 

To view the entire requested rate increase filing, please click here.  

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Sign Up Now for the Emerald Isle Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K Races! 

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Monday, December 11, 2017 2:09:00 PM Categories: News

Barber Re-Elected Mayor / Dooley and Normile Re-Elected, Taylor Elected to Board of Commissioners 


Mayor Eddie Barber was re-elected on November 7, along with current Town Commissioners Candace Dooley and Jim Normile.  Mark Taylor, currently serving on the Planning Board, was also elected to a seat on the Board of Commissioners.  Dooley, Normile, and Taylor join previously elected Commissioners Floyd Messer and Steve Finch on the 5-member Board of Commissioners. 

Congratulations to all 4 on their election!  Town staff looks forward to working under their leadership to continue efforts to make Emerald Isle an even better place than it already is!

(pictured above from left to right - Barber, Dooley, Normile, Taylor)

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Commissioner Maripat Wright Wraps Up 12 Years of Dedicated Service to Town 


Commissioner Maripat Wright's service on the Board of Commissioners will end in December after 12 years in this role. Commissioner Wright began her service in 2005, has been a calm and steady voice on the Board of Commissioners, and epitomizes "Nice Matters".  She has actively supported numerous quality of life improvements in the Town while placing a high priority on a low property tax rate, and has also been very active in Carteret County / regional library initiatives.  The Town greatly appreciates her service, and wishes her well in the future!

The Town will hold a special ceremony to honor Commissioner Wright on Tuesday, December 12 at 4 pm.  The ceremony will be held on the beach at The Point, and temporary parking will be available on Inlet Drive, Bogue Court, and on the beach strand near The Point vehicle ramp. Please join us, and help us honor Commissioner Wright and thank her for her dedicated service to the Town!

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Applicants Sought for New Dog Park Committee 


The Town is currently exploring the potential construction of a new "dog park" in the future, and is seeking applicants for a new committee that will be tasked with determining community support, identifying potential locations, considering design alternatives, and fundraising activities.  

Committee membership is open to any permanent or part-time residents of Emerald Isle, and interested members of the Emerald Isle business community.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send an email expressing your interest to Town Manager Frank Rush at  no later than January 3, 2018 at 5 pm.

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Applicants Sought for New Golf Cart Committee 


The Town's local golf cart program continues to increase in popularity, and the Board of Commissioners has established a new committee that will be tasked with promoting the safe use of golf carts, advocating for golf cart owners, identifying strategies to expand golf cart access in a safe manner, fundraising efforts, and other helpful activities.  The new committee is modeled after the Town's successful Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  

Committee membership is open to any permanent or part-time residents of Emerald Isle, and interested members of the Emerald Isle business community.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send an email expressing your interest to Town Manager Frank Rush at  no later than January 3, 2018 at 5 pm.   

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Efforts to Transition Emerald Isle EMS to Town Department Continue 


The Town continues work to transition Emerald Isle EMS to a department of the Town government.  In April 2017, the Board of Commissioners directed Town staff to integrate existing EMS employees and assets into the Town government, and Town staff have been and continue to work to complete this transition by March 1, 2018.  This transition has been discussed by EMS leaders and Town officials many times since 2010, and was initially contemplated as far back as 2005. 

Since 2001, the Town has contracted with the separate, non-profit Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. for emergency medical services, and the current contract expires on March 1, 2018.  In 2001, Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. operated completely with volunteer staff, had no paid employees, and received a $5,000 contribution from the Town.  The organization now operates with a fully-paid staff (7 full-time employees and 17 part-time employees) and a total budget of nearly $600,000 of public funds annually.  The squad operates out of a Town-owned EMS station utilizing ambulances and other equipment purchased with public funds, and the Town already provides financial administration and payroll services for the separate, non-profit corporation.

All existing EMS employees have been offered employment with the Town of Emerald Isle, and we look forward to bringing these quality individuals into the Town organization.  The Town is currently recruiting for the Town EMS Chief position, and the recruitment advertisement can be viewed at . 

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