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Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Protection Program


Volunteers are needed!

Whether you are a resident or visitor to the beach you will be sharing the beach environment with many creatures, including the threatened and endangered sea turtle. From the end of May to August the loggerhead sea turtle is the most frequent seasonal nester on the Emerald Isle beaches. The female loggerhead comes ashore from Florida to North Carolina. She comes at night to lay her eggs in the sand. She will lay about 120 eggs and then cover the nest with sand and go back to the ocean. From then on the newly laid eggs are on their own to develop in the warm sand for about 60 days when they will hatch and make their way to the sea.

It is both a privilege and a responsibility to be involved with the turtle program here in Emerald Isle. It is hoped that this website will inform and inspire people to become involved in some capacity in this program.

Jim Craig
354 4001

Pam Minnick
354 4288



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