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Subscription Program

The Emerald Isle Fire Department is offering an optional subscription program to help offset the cost of an ambulance transport. Your annual subscription of $50 covers the direct costs of ambulance services not paid by your insurance. The $50 covers two people, the Head of Household, along with one other person. You may include others living in the household for an additional $10 each. Your subscription begins two days after receipt of application, payment, and acceptance by the Town of Emerald Isle's Fire Department and expires on June 30th, 2024. There will be no refunds for cancelled or forfeited memberships. Click here to purchase an ambulance subscription.

View the Ambulance Subscription Terms and Conditions here

View the Ambulance Subscription Brochure here.  

Reflective Address Signs

The Emerald Isle Fire Department offers reflective address signs for sale. These green signs can be horizontal or vertical, and are personalized with your address numbers, and sold for $20 each. These signs are designed to help emergency responders locate your residence. Click here for the reflective address sign form

Emerald Isle Fire Department CPR & AED Initiative

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The goal of the Emerald Isle Fire Department's CPR and AED Initiative is to improve the chance of survival from cardiac arrest by strategically placing AEDs around the community and training nearby business staff in their usage. This will be paired with CPR education that will allow trained individuals to provide life-saving assistance prior to EMS arrival.


The provision of early effective CPR and early defibrillation has been proven and is recommended by the American Heart Association to increase survival in victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The heart of the CPR and AED initiative is to allow greater availability of defibrillators in the most heavily trafficked areas of emerald isle, which can decrease the "collapse-to-shock" time and increase survival rates.


The Emerald Fire Department will partner with local businesses and grant funding sources to purchase equipment and strategically train members of the community in CPR and AED. These AEDs will be placed in locations where residents and visitors gather in large numbers.

We seek to:

  • Secure grant funding for business package AED setups.One Beat - CPR and AED is saving lives one heart at a time
  • Partner with local businesses to train staff in CPR (including choking and AED usage) at a drastically reduced rate!
  • Strategically place AEDs near businesses whose staff are trained in resuscitative methods.
  • Local businesses may partner with EMS to coordinate and fund routine maintenance and disposable parts replacement.

Please email us with questions or to learn more.


Our staff is committed to keeping our community healthy. We are happy to help you with:

  • blood pressure screenings
  • assistance with learning about newly prescribed medical devices like glucose monitors
  • home safety tips
  • medication questions or concerns
  • medication reconciliation
  • closing the gap between patient needs and resource availability

If we can further assist you, please email us and describe briefly what you need assistance with.