Civilian / Employee Commendation Program

Any Emerald Isle citizen or employee may request a commendation for a particular individual or group of individuals. Commendation requests will be reviewed by a "Commendation Review Committee" that will consist of the Mayor, one Town Commissioner, the Town Manager, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the EMS Chief, and this committee will meet to review commendation requests, gather additional information, and determine the appropriate award, if warranted.

The decision to bestow an award will be made by the committee only if there is unanimous agreement among the 5 members. Individuals or groups selected for an award will be publicly recognized by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners at a Town meeting, and an appropriate press release will be issued to honor the individual or group.

Medals will be given for the most significant awards (i.e, Medal of Honor, Emerald Medal, etc.), and attractive desktop awards, plaques, and certificates for the other awards (i.e, Civic Achievement Award, Certificate of Commendation, etc.).

The "Medal of Honor" represents the highest civilian and Town employee award, and may be awarded for a significant lifesaving act by a civilian or Town employee (i.e., rescuing a potential drowning victim, etc.).

The "Medal of Valor" represents the highest Police and Fire award, and may be awarded for a heroic effort in the performance of life safety duties (i.e, a heroic act in a burning building, saving the life of another from a dangerous individual or situation, etc.).

The other award classifications are aimed at honoring significant volunteer efforts, charitable contributions, or exceptional service provided to others in our community.

For more information, please view the Civilian / Employee Commendation Program (PDF). This also contains the recommendation form.