Vacation Rentals & Sales

We have several places to find rentals and purchases for your vacation needs. 

Vacationers, Don't Throw Your Food Away!

  • A Second Helping-Emerald Isle NC is a Community Supported Project to collect leftover food from vacationers as they leave the Island. For full details and drop-off locations visit their website.
  • Caroline's House - Charity Food Bank Program. Please don't let that extra food go to waste. When your vacation is over, bring all unopened, nonperishable food to your real estate office in Emerald Isle at checkout. This food will go to "Caroline's House" the shelter for abused women and children. This is a service of the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program. For more information about their services please visit their website.

Travel Guide

Visitors to Emerald Isle may also want to check out  "A Week At The Beach, An Emerald Isle Travel Guide" by David Sobotta, 2014 Edition. A copy of David's book is at Town Hall to view as well.

Business Directory

Visit our full business directory to find places you may also be interested in.

This information is provided as a courtesy to our residents and visitors to Emerald Isle and if we've inadvertently not included your business located in Emerald Isle, or your information needs to be corrected or changed, please contact Mark Crews, Public Information Officer.