New Businesses / Satellite Merchants

New Businesses Located in Emerald Isle

Thank you for deciding to establish your business in Emerald Isle. The New Business Information Packet (PDF) provides important information and will assist you in complying with all applicable Town ordinances and procedures.

Satellite Merchants in Emerald Isle

The Town of Emerald Isle has stringent regulations on these activities. "Itinerant merchants" (such as street vendors or mobile vendors) are not allowed at all in the Town of Emerald Isle on any public streets, beaches, or other areas. We do allow what we call "satellite merchants" (such as street vendors or mobile vendors) to set up at a limited number of private business locations.

  • "Satellite merchants" are only allowed on the private property of an ocean fishing pier, hotel, motel, campground, recreational vehicle park, or condominium complex having frontage on the Atlantic Ocean in Emerald Isle, and must be located completely on the private property - they are not allowed on the beach strand. 
  • Permission from the private property owner is required, and you must also register with the Town (there is no fee). 
  • The eligible private properties in Emerald Isle where "satellite merchants" may be allowed with the required permission granted by the private property owner and the Town are as follows: Holiday Trav-L Park, The Islander Suites, Boardwalk RV Park, Beachfront RV Park, Camp Ocean Forest, Bogue Inlet Pier, and oceanfront condominium complexes.

Please call 252-354-3424 with questions.