Taught by certified Yoga instructors on staff, these classes focus on basic Yoga postures and introductory asanas (Yogic exercises) for the beginning Yoga student or for those who want to strengthen their foundational Yoga skills.

Yoga fees are:

$2 per class for members

$7 per class for non-members

Yoga to Help Keep You Young

All the yoga in the world will not stop us from getting older, but it can help you approach the journey with more grace, agility and confidence.

This workshop will teach you tools to foster well being throughout the lifespan you have. We will include practices to build and maintain strength, flexibility, balance and agility.

Cardiovascular health, along with practices to reduce and minimize stress, encourage good brain health will be part of this workshop.

Come join us for a few hours packed with tons of yoga to help keep you young.

Yoga Instructor: Michelle Thornell C-IAYT, E-RYT500 (Certified Yoga Therapist).

 For additional information and workshop schedules call 252-354-6350.

Woman in white doing yoga on the beach