Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

Saturday Dec 2, 2023

Application Opens: August 1, 2023

Application Closes: August 31, 2023

Lottery Announced: September 15, 2023

This year, we're introducing a new application process to ensure fairness and maximize the limited space available. Previous vendors are not guaranteed a spot, as all selections will be made randomly through a lottery system.

The application process for the Holiday Arts and Craft Fair will open on August 1st and will be available for a month. We encourage all interested vendors to submit their applications before the process closes on August 31st.

Here's how the lottery process works: Once the application period has ended, all vendor names will be added to a random generator. This means that it doesn't matter if you're the first or last to apply; the selection will be completely random. We believe in giving every applicant an equal chance to participate.

The Holiday Arts and Craft Fair Lottery will be conducted, and the winners will be announced on Friday, September 15th. All lottery winners will be promptly notified via email or phone call on the same day. Vendors who did not win the lottery will be notified via email and placed on a waiting list. If a spot is to open, the same lottery system will be applied to the waiting list.

We have 34 spots available, each offering a 10'x10' space. It's important to note that the fee of $35.00* per space will only be due after you have been selected for a spot. This way, you can secure your space with ease.

At the Emerald Isle Arts and Crafts Fair, we cherish authenticity and craftsmanship. All items showcased must be handmade or hand-authenticated, ensuring a collection of truly unique creations.

Join us at the Emerald Isle Arts and Crafts Fair for a celebration of creativity, community, and handcrafted wonders. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your unique talents as a local artist and connect with art enthusiasts from near and far. Apply starting August 1st and be part of the lottery process. Let the magic of your creations shine at our extraordinary fair!

Click here to apply online


• Booth set-up and clean-up: Space must be left as it was found, and all trash must be picked up.

• Actual booth display: Craft vendors are those classified as selling items personally made or handcrafted by the vendors and not commercially produced. Commercial vendors are NOT permitted.

• Chairs and/or table for the exhibit: Please bring your own to ensure a comfortable and inviting display.

• Safety of booths and exhibit: Vendors are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of their booths and exhibits throughout the fair.

• Receiving payment for their items: Vendors are expected to handle transactions for their own items.

• Staffing their table for the duration of the fair: Please ensure your table is staffed during the entire event.

• Spot location: Once selected, vendors are not allowed to move spot locations. The spot assigned to them is the spot they will have for the duration of the fair. If a vendor is found to have moved without permission, they will be asked to leave the fair.

• Tent setup: Vendors are allowed to set up a tent for hanging their work. However, tent covers are NOT permitted. Please display your creations without a top covering the tent.