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January 24, 2000 

Planning Board



The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Pro-Tem, Emily Farmer. She then announced that Carolyn Custy, Town Clerk, will have the Planning Board members take their oath of office for the year 2000. Each member was then so sworn.

Nomination was then made for Chairman of the Planning Board - Ceil Saunders nominated Roy Brownlow for Chairman, second by Cary Harrison. Mr. Brownlow was unanimously elected as Chairman. Ms. Custy then had Mr. Brownlow take a separate oath of office as Planning Board Chairman.

Nomination for Vice-Chairman – George McLaughlin nominated Cary Harrison with second by Ceil Saunders. Mr. Harrison was unanimously elected Vice-Chairman.

Nomination for Secretary – Carry Harrison made the motion to retain Carol Angus as Secretary, second by Phil Almeida with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Minutes of Regular Meeting December 13, 1999 – Mr. Brownlow, having attended that meeting advised the members that he saw no discrepancies of these minutes. Cary Harrison made the motion to approve the minutes, second by Ceil Saunders with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.


Krystal Villas Townhomes, Final Plat – Mr. Larry Spell, developer, was in attendance for this project to answer any questions the new board members may have. He advised that there had been sight lines added at the entrance and the wetlands delineation was marked on the plat.

Chairman Brownlow said this is a unique situation with having six new members not having seen the plat. He thought it might be in the best interest of these members to have the project return to Map Review before they voted on it. Mr. Spell objected to this proposal saying that it has already been through Map Review. Mr. Brownlow said he didn’t know whether the members would be comfortable voting on a project they had never seen. Mr. Spell asked to address the board. He said there is a procedure that the project is received, sent to Map Review, then returns to the Planning Board for recommendation; then to the Town Board. Construction can then begin. Then the Final Plat is brought before the Planning Board, reviewed by Map Committee, and back to Planning Board for recommendation. That is the point that this project has reached tonight. There is nothing else different on this map than what was reviewed. If this project is held for Map Review again, it will hold up his project for another month. This will cause him to have to pay another month’s interest on the loan, as well as holding up those new owners from occupancy to their homes. There was then discussion on how to cooperate with Mr. Spell and apprise the board members. The possibility of calling a special meeting after Map Review was discussed; however, there was not sufficient time to advertise the meeting. Five days notice is required for a special meeting. It was then decided to recess this meeting for 15 minutes to allow Mr. Spell to go over the checklist with the members. Mr. Almeida made the motion for recess, second by Frank Vance for the recess. (Mr. Spell then addressed each item on the checklist and answered each question that the member may have.)

Chairman Brownlow advised the members that the checklist is comprehensive, but not totally exhaustive Mr. Spell had referred to is to be used in conjunction with the ordinances and the Land Use Plan (LUP). The LUP is a handy tool to use, especially in the preliminary process. It’s like a carpenter who can’t build a house without a hammer. The LUP is the hammer for the carpenter.

Mr. Brownlow commented that the different checklists are to be reviewed and updated for future use.

Mr. McLaughlin asked if he was reading the wetlands area correctly and that these owners will have a pond in their front yards. Mr. Spell replied that is true, in order to avoid filling the wetlands, which they could have done since it was less than one acre.

The Stormwater Management Plan approval letter is on file from the original plans that were submitted in 1996 with the first 8 townhouses.

Mr. Harrison made the motion to return to regular session, second by Phil Almeida with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Motion was made by Ceil Saunders to recommend Krystal Villas, Final Plat, to the town board for approval; second by Phil Almeida with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.


At this point Mr. Brownlow reverted to the agenda and asked for monthly reports.

Report from Town Manager – Mr. Allen gave a brief summary of the Town Board of Commissioners meeting on January 09, 2000.

Report from Building Inspector – Jim Taylor, Building Inspector, gave a brief summary of the permits issued as submitted to the members for their review. December indicated 17 new dwelling starts with a tax value of approximately $2,680,000.00.


Kwik-Mart Store/Gasoline Station – Block 40, at intersection of Emerald Drive, Coast Guard Road, and Crew Drive. Mr. Matt Montanye represented this project from Stroud Engineering.

Motion was made by Cary Harrison to recommend this project to the Review Committee, Wednesday, January 26, at 4:00 p.m.; second by Phil Almeida with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.


Commissioner Emily Farmer advised members that a moratorium had been placed on cell towers and building height; as well as other items that the secretary has submitted. These two items need to be addressed as soon as possible since the time frame for the moratorium is only 90 days.

Mr. Brownlow told the members that they have a lot of work to do and a lot of text to digest, with ordinances, Land Use Plan (LUP), and the blueprint for the Town’s development. He emphasized the importance of the LUP. It is not the job of this board to change it. If the Town Board asks this board to look at something, study it, evaluate it, then that’s when we make a recommendation to them. It’s the (commissioners’) job to tell the planning board where they (commissioners) want the planning board to go with it. Mr. Brownlow advised he thinks there are some things that need reviewed and researched in the LUP. He wants the members to work closely with the new board of commissioners to give the direction they want this board to "row the boat". He appreciated the confidence of being elected Chairman and has a lot of confidence in this new board. He challenged each member to go out into the populace of the town to see what the people want.

Chairman Brownlow went on to ask that each member take the site maps with you and visit each site you are reviewing. He intends to vote how he sees best for the community, not necessarily how he thinks a commissioner wants him to vote or someone who speaks loudly from the audience. He wants to share his local government background and the education he has gained not just through the community he works for but the community he lives in.

Ms. Saunders advised the members to attend the Review Committee meetings. She said they are the "meat" of the review process to be aware of what is being processed.

Mr. Brownlow set committees for the two pertinent moratoriums projects. Ceil Saunders, George McLaughlin, and Frank Vance; for cell towers: Mr. Brownlow, Mr. Harrison, David Schock and Phil Almeida.

Commissioner Farmer commented that she had asked a member of the Coastal Federation to review the Emerald Isle Land Use Plan and make comments in the near future.

Mr. Brownlow said he would like to schedule a "retreat" or informal meeting of the members of this board with the commissioners in the near future to determine "how to row the boat".

Secretary Angus added that in the past the two boards had a combined meeting in May. If you would like to pursue that possibility, perhaps you may want to move that meeting to an earlier date. It is usually a catered dinner at 6:00 p.m. until 7:00; then go into the special meeting. Commissioner Farmer said she would like to have it as early as February.

Motion to adjourn made by George McLaughlin, second by Frank Vance with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

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January 11, 2000 

Board of Commissioners
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January 4, 2000 

Board of Commissioners
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