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November 15, 1999 

Planning Board


NOVEMBER 15, 1999


The meeting was called to order by Co-Chairman, Jess Randall at 7:00 P.M. Members present were: Jess Randall, Leroy Henderson, Roy Brownlow, Mal Boyette, Bill Farrington and Bob Smith. Also attending were: Town Manager, Pete Allen; Building Inspectors, John P Yost and Jim Taylor.

Approval of Minutes of October 18, 1999 – Mr. Randall asked that a correction be made to the minutes that the water in his garage was 8" not 8’ on page 4, paragraph four.

With this correction motion was made by Roy Brownlow to approve the minutes, second by Bill Farrington with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Report from Town Manager – Pete Allen gave a brief report of the Town of Emerald Isle Board of Commissioners meeting on November 09, 1999. He advised the board of the purchase of the property west of Islander Motor Inn to be used for public parking and bathhouse. Also, the fire rating beginning January 2000 has improved to a Class 4 from a Class 6.

Report from Building Inspector – James Taylor asked for any questions from the board members relating to the reports submitted.

4 Single-family dwellings $715,830.00

112 Miscellaneous 80,200.00

Total $796,030.00

Mr. Taylor also gave an update on the change to the ordinance (Sec. 6-84) to have the ordinance coincide with NC Building Code which states pilings for piers must be 8’ in the bottom whereas the ordinance states 4’ into the bottom.


Vice Chairman Randall advised that Mr. Farrington be excused from this discussion due to a conflict of interest. Mr. Boyette made the motion to excuse Mr. Farrington, second by Mr. Henderson with unanimous approval.

Sunset Harbor Condominium, Preliminary Plat, Lot 1 –

Sunset Harbor Condominium, Preliminary Plat, Lot 2 -

Sunset Harbor Condominium, Preliminary Plat, Lot 4 –

Mr. Randall asked that these items be recommended simultaneously since they are identical. The board unanimously agreed.

Applications for all agencies were in order and items discussed at Review Committee had been addressed.

Motion was made by Bob Smith, second by Roy Brownlow for Sunset Harbor condominiums, Lots 1 and 2 and 4, Preliminary Plats to be recommended for approval to the Town Board. The Motion was unanimously approved in favor of the motion.

Mr. Farrington was then reinstated to the board for further discussion.

Mr. Brownlow asked that the Planning Board members given revised site plans sooner so that review could be done in a more leisurely manner. (The plans are to be submitted prior to the meeting; however not distributed because the packets are compiled the Wednesday after the Board of Commissioners meeting and members are notified they are ready to be picked up. This gives the members Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to review for the Monday evening meeting. If any member would care to pick up any submission prior to the packets being prepared they need only to stop by and request this information.) Mr. Randall said he would speak with Ms. Angus regarding this issue.

Mr. Allen advised that a number of times this information might not be available until just prior to the meeting. He thought the idea behind moving Map committee was to help the applicant to have more time to have information added or changed to a plat. If you need more time to review then we can change the review committee date, which will hold the review up for possibly another month.

Mr. Brownlow said his exception was the submission of one copy of a plat (i.e. stormwater) and he does not get a copy of that plan with his packet and he has to come to the office for that plat.

Mr. Allen asked where the line should be drawn on what information needs to be given out to the members as to what is available as it comes into the office.

Mr. Brownlow said he wants to review all the state permits prior to the meeting.

(Since this department and most members of the board are not experienced in apprising and discerning a stormwater plan, Major CAMA application, etc. these applications and approvals are retained in the files for any party who may be interested may want to review them at any time).


JTW INVESTMENTS, INC 4-lot subdivision from existing tract in Block 15, Preliminary Plat – Tom Strickland represented this project as designing engineer. Motion was made by Leroy Henderson, second by Bill Farrington to recommend this project to the Review Committee for December 15, 1999.

Spinnakers Reach, Phase IV, Prel. Plat – Motion to table the project due to no representation. May be added to December agenda. Mal Boyette made motion, second by Leroy Henderson with unanimous approval.

Spinnakers Reach, Phase IV, Final Plat –Motion to table the project due to no representation. May be added to December agenda. Leroy Henderson made motion, second by Roy Brownlow, with unanimous approval.

Mr. Brownlow asked if it is common practice to run the Preliminary plat with the Final plat. Mr. Randall replied it is "not normal" to run them together.


Mr. Farrington asked about the stormwater research for the Pointe area. Mr. Allen advised that Moffitt and Nichol would be here on Thursday, Dec. 02 at 7:00 P.M. The members of the Planning Board may want to attend this meeting.

The Board elected to have the December meeting on Monday, December 13, 1999 at 7:00 P.M. due to the Christmas holidays and members being out of town. Motion to change this meeting date made by Bill Farrington second by Bob Smith, with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Mr. Leroy Henderson advised that he has submitted his resignation effective December 01, 1999. He stated it has been a pleasure to serve with the board. Mr. Randall thanked Mr. Henderson for his support and what he has given the town.

Motion to adjourn made by Bill Farrington, second by Mal Boyette, with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 11/15/1999