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December 14, 1999 

Board of Commissioners
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 12/14/1999

December 13, 1999 

Planning Board




The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Clark Wylde at 7:00 P.M.

Members in attendance: Clark Wylde, Jess Randall, Bill Farrington, Roy Brownlow and Bob Smith. Also attending: Town Manager, Pete Allen; Building Inspector, John P. Yost. . Resignations have been submitted and accepted, effective December 01, 1999 for members: Leroy Henderson and Mal Boyette.

Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of November 15, 1999 Motion was made by Jess Randall, second by Bill Farrington, to approve minutes of this meeting. The motion was unanimously approved.

Report from Town Manager – Pete Allen advised the members that the new Town Board of Commissioners would be sworn in the next evening and no Commissioners meeting had been held since the last Planning Board Meeting. He gave the members a quick review of the items to be presented on the next day’s agenda of the Town Board of Commissioners.

Report from Building Inspector – John P. Yost advised the members that the month of November was larger than expected.

November Totals

4 Single family dwellings $715,830

111 Miscellaneous 80,200


Mr. Allen advised the members of the current status on beach renourishment. There will be a meeting held January 06, 2000 to continue discussion and schedule Public Hearing.

Mr. Wylde had a concern with the number of people walking in the fragile dune area at the Point. It was discussed that a walkway be built to guide the pedestrian traffic to the walkway and to stay off the dunes. Mr. Allen said he thought that should be able to be worked out.



Mr. Tom Strickland represented this project. After considerable discussion regarding stormwater runoff a motion was made by Jess Randall to recommend approval to the Town Board of the Preliminary Plat. The motion died for lack of a second. Discussion continued further regarding the stormwater runoff, the placing of additional fire hydrants, and to correct the 575’ ORW line indicated is in error and should be deleted. It was noted that DOT requires that the four lots share two drives. Lot 2 has an existing drive that will be turned slightly to accommodate lot 1; and lots 3 and 4 will share a drive. Two additional hydrants are to be installed; one at the corner of Ocean and Emerald Drive, and the second in the Watersedge Mobile Home Park to also help with coverage at the park. Mr. Strickland advised the Stormwater Plan and Sedimentation and Erosion Plans are being done by Mr. Joseph Donehoo, Oceanside Engineering. Because of the concern for stormwater plan, Mr. Smith made the motion to refer this project back to Review Committee on December 15, 1999; second by Roy Brownlow with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

JTW, INVESTMENTS, 4-LOT S/D, FINAL PLAT, BLK 15, B-3 ZONE – This plat follows the preliminary plat previously discussed.


SPINNAKERS REACH, PRELIMINARY PLAT, PHASE IV – Tabled until further advised by the developer.

SPINNAKERS REACH, FINAL PLAT, PHASE IV – Tabled until further advised.

C. Krystal Villas Townhomes, Block 40, Final Plat – Mr. Larry Spell represented this Project which was recommended for review at the Review Committee on Wednesday, December 15, 1999. Bill Farrington made the motion to refer Krystal Villas to the Review Committee; second by Jess Randall with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

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Motion to adjourn made by Bob Smith, second by Roy Brownlow with unanimous approval in favor of the motion at 7:45 p.m.

Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 12/13/1999