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Golf Cart Advisory Committee 

March 19, 2019

Regular Meeting of the
Tuesday, March 19,2019 - 5:30pm
Town Board Meeting Room, 7500 Emerald Drive

  1. Call to Order                                               
  2. Roll Call                                                     
  3. Opening Prayer                                         
  4. Pledge of Allegiance                                   
  5. Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting   
  6. Adoption of Agenda                                     
  7. Discussions of Old Business                        
    1. Based on summaries by Laura Ratchford, currently available is $18K /FY’18/19.  Need clarification/Laura Ratchford/Finance Director on excess above budgeted $ actually collected in ‘18/’19 FY to be included in ‘19/’20 Budget in addition to projected $23k(from projected fee collection of $73) Chief Reese is recommending for budget. Ie 2018 fees collected were $83k which without consideration that not actually FY collection, should be in order of $23k-$18 for another $5k??
    2. Update from Town Attorney (Richard Stanley)for clarification on easement agreements for the Bell Cove Shopping Center access (Coastal Land Ventures) and adjacent private street Watauga Evergreens ETAL)  rough drafts.
    3. Discussion of easement agreement rough draft to properly address the needed parcels in Bell Cove Shopping Center’s parcels (Coastal Land Ventures) & for Belle Cove Blvd.(private Dr. owned by Assumes no proposed work along CGR will be outside ROW.
    4. Update from Michael Taylor on Bike/Pedestrian safety recommendations on separation of Ped & Golf Cart traffic area of potential CGR -Bell Cove to Osprey Ridge Cart Path.  Also any letters of support from Subdivisions in that area.  Recommendations of committee for recommendations to enhance safety of potential cart path (bollards at Ped.Walk, Golf Cart Crossing Markings, Golf Cart Crossing signage, speed limit reduction between 58 & Osprey Ridge etc.).
    5. Discussion on re-apportioning fees due to new decisions to eliminate inspections for all golf carts to just those newly registered.
    6. Discussion on & possibly voting to recommend to the Board of Commissioners to move forward in the process for the Golf Cart Path between Osprey Ridge & Bell Cove shopping Center on north side of CGR with discussed safety measure implementation.


  8. Discussion of New Business                        
  9. Suggested Agenda Items for next meeting    
  10. Comments from Committee Members           
  11. Adjourn                                                      
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