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Board of Commissioners Meeting - April 13, 2021 

Board of Commissioners

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


TUESDAY, April 13, 2021 - 6:00 P.M.


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Public Comment Instructions

The meeting will be available for by registering at the following link for attendees  - by clicking here or by calling +1 (562) 247-8422 and entering the access code 359-740-443 when prompted. 

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Opening Prayer

4. Pledge of Allegiance
5. Adoption of Agenda
6. Proclamations / Public Announcements  

7. Public Comment  

8. Consent Agenda 

  a. Minutes from March 9, 2021 Regular Meeting

  b. Minutes from March 9, 2021 Special Budget Meeting

  c. NCDOT Disaster Relief Related Debris Removal Agreement

  d. Amend the Fee Schedule for the Regional Access Paid Parking Fees

  e. Resolution Authorizing Audit Services Contract Extension

  f. Budget and Capital Project Ordinance Amendments

  g. Tax Discovery and Releases

  h. Resolution: Requesting the North Carolina Department of Transportation to move the 45 MPH Speed Limit from Seagull Street 800 feet to the east of Blackskimmer. 

9. General Public Update: Parking in the Town of Emerald Isle 

  a. Paid Parking Update

  b. Digital Map of Free Parking Spaces

  c. Media Campaign

10. General Public Update: 2021 Beach Safety Briefing 

  a. Lifeguards

  b. Beach Patrol

  c. EMS Update

11. Presentation: Horses on the Public Beach

  a. Presentation from Chief Reese 

  b. Optional Changes to TOEI Article IV 71

12. Discussion: Covid-19 Safety and Budget Impacts

  a. July 4th Celebration

  b. 2021 Beach Music Celebration

13. EI Planning Department: Site Review

  a. Emerald Isle Realty Driveway Extension 

14. Presentation: Beach Driving Committee Update

15. Discussion: Update to Existing Noise Ordinance to establish Decibel Levels 

16. Discussion: Consider an update to the current Yard Waste Ordinance

  a. Consider update to Yardwaste Ordinance 94

  b. Consider leasing of Yardwaste Truck for FY22 

17. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney and Town Manager  

18. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
19. Adjourn

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