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June 24, 2002 

Planning Board

Action Agenda
Town of Emerald Isle 
Regular Planning Board Meeting 
Monday, June 24, 2002
7:00 P.M. - Town Hall

Call to Order 
Roll Call 
Report from Town Manager, Frank A. Rush 
Report from Building Inspections – James W. Taylor, Director

  1. Consideration and possible recommendation for Special Uses to be added to Permitted and Special Use Table, Chapter 19, 19-81 through 100 – Carol Angus, Zoning Official.
    1. To allow dog grooming in B-3 (Commercial Zoning) as a Special Use with specific Conditions – Carol Angus 
      (Recommended approval of an ordinance amendment to allow dog grooming as a special use in the B-2 and B-3 zones - 4-1 vote)
    2. To allow assembly of products within a structure in B-2 and B-3 (Commercial Zoning) with specific conditions. – Carol Angus 
      (Denied a proposed ordinance amendment to allow "assembly of product" as a special use in B-3 zone. 5-0 vote. The Planning Board did express an interest in drafting an ordinance to accommodate a specific, low-impact request from Island Automation that involves engineering/design work with assembly of electronic panels as an ancillary use. Staff and Planning Board members will consider specific language and present a recommendation at the July Planning Board meeting)
  2. Special Use Permit Application – To allow assembly of products within a structure in B-2 and B-3 (Commercial Zoning) with specific conditions – Jeff Meier 
    (Denied the actual special use permit application submitted in conjunction with the ordinance amendment in item 2 above. 5-0 vote.)
  3. Preliminary Plat - Bell Cove 8-lot Commercial Subdivision – Ronnie O Watson, Alan Bell 
    (Agreed to discuss Bell Cove Preliminary Plat (Reed Drive Commercial Park, renamed) informally at the Map Review Committee meeting on Wednesday. Because the applicant did not include a storm water plan, the Planning Board decided not to have a formal review on Wednesday, which means the applicant will have to begin the process over again in July or later. 5-0 vote)
  4. Discussion – Potential Amendment to Zoning Ordinance Regarding Additional Setbacks in Residential Zones Associated with # of stories – Carol Angus / Frank Rush 
    (Assigned the study of single family residential building heights (re: limit on number of stories) and associated additional side and rear yard setbacks to a subcommittee to report back at the July meeting. 5-0 vote)
  5. Discussion of possible reconfiguration of Hwy 58, Coast Guard Road – Chairman Almeida 
    (Recommended that the Town request that NCDOT review previous completed traffic studies and re-evaluate the need for intersection improvements at Coast Guard Road and NC 58. Potential improvements might include different signal patterns, additional turn lanes, road widening, etc. 5-0 vote)
  6. Recommendation of Revision of the Subdivision Ordinance, Chapter 18 - Art Daniel 
    (Recommended approval of proposed subdivision ordinance amendments. Informed the Planning Board that this would be a discussion item in July, with formal consideration by the Town Board in August. 5-0 vote)
  7. Update on Farrington Rezoning Request, Dunes and Vegetation Ordinance – Frank Rush 
    (Discussed several items to bring up at the Institute of Govt. planning and zoning workshop, including mixed use development, conditional use zoning districts, and architectural review boards)
  8. Priorities for Planning Board – Chairman Almeida and Frank A Rush. 
    (Initiated discussion on identifying priorities. Chairman Almeida asked the members to think about their priorities after the Institute of Government workshop)
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June 11, 2002 

Board of Commissioners

TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2002

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adoption of Agenda
    (Approved with changes 5-0)
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of Regular Meeting – May 14, 2002
    2. Minutes of Special Meeting – April 23, 2002
    3. Tax Refunds / Releases
    4. Resolution Authorizing Town Manager to Amend Waste Industries Contract
    5. Resolution Authorizing Town Manager to Extend Hadnot Creek Kennels Contract
    6. Stormwater Project Fund Budget Amendment FY 2001-2002 - (Added)
      (Approved 5-0)
  6. Public Comment
  7. FY 2002-2003 Budget
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Potential Consideration of Budget Ordinance and Fee Schedule
      (Interim Budget for July 1 through July 31 - Approved 5-0)
  8. Rezoning Request – Property Located Near Bogue Inlet Drive and NC 58 – R-2 to B-3
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Potential Consideration of Rezoning Request
      ( 3-2 vote - 2nd Reading Required at July meeting)
  9. Final Plat – West End Subdivision
    (Approved 5-0)
  10. Final Plat – Reed Drive Commercial Park
    (Approved 5-0)
  11. Ordinance Amending Chapter 5 – Beach and Shore Regulations – to Regulate Beach Bulldozing Activities
    (Tabled for further study 5-0 vote)
  12. Ordinance Amending Chapter 18 – Subdivisions - Regarding Final Plat Approval
    (Approved 3-2 Marks, Farmer, Eckhardt For, McElraft, Messer Against)
  13. Resolution Adopting Carteret County and Emerald Isle Hazard Mitigation Plans
  14. Discussion - Ordinance Amending Chapter 19 – Zoning - to Revise the Dunes and Vegetation Ordinance
  15. Resolution Authorizing the Town Manager to Submit a NCDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant Application for Bicycle Paths Along NC 58 - (bike path budget)
    (Approved 5-0)
  16. Request from Sound of the Sea Owners’ Association to Amend the Boundaries of the Primary Benefit Municipal Service District
    (Denied 5-0)
  17. Resolution Urging the General Assembly and the Carteret County Board of Commissioners to Enact an Additional ½ Cent Sales Tax for Local Governments
    (Approved 5-0)
  18. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Town Manager
  19. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
  20. Adjourn
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