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Golf Cart Advisory Committee 

July 16, 2019

Regular Meeting of the
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 5:30pm
Town Board Meeting Room, 7500 Emerald Drive

  1. Call to Order                                                
  2. Roll Call                                                     
  3. Opening Prayer                                           
  4. Pledge of Allegiance                                   
  5. Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting    
  6. Adoption of Agenda                                     
  7. Discussions of Old Business                        
    1. Election of Offices for new Committee Term 1/2019=>12/’19?
    2. Update/Browder on June Mtg’s findings on status of Golf Cart Parking & any immediate minor changes for Chief Reese to work w/ Pub.Wrks on prior to end of year, & info conveyed from Bogue Banks Water regarding policy issues w/ Golf Cart Path conflicts w/ their water system.
    3. Any updates on committee measurements of conditions for potential GC Path north side of 58 between the Dogleg & 25th st..
    4. Clarification by Matt Zapp on balance of Golf Cart Committee Fund from fee collection over and above projected budgeted amounts.


  8. Discussion of New Business                         
  9. Suggested Agenda Items for next meeting     
  10. Comments from Committee Members
  11. Adjourn        


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