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August 28, 2006 

Planning Board

Town of Emerald Isle
Planning Board Meeting
Monday, August 28, 2006 
6:00 PM at Town Hall

1.         Call to Order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Approval of the Minutes for the Regular Meeting held on July 24, 2006

4.         Report from the Planning Director

·        Town Board Meeting, August 8, 2006

·        Building Inspection Report, July 2006

·        Meetings to Note

1.      Board of Commissioners, September 12, 2006

2.      Planning Board, September 25, 2006

5          Consider a request by Bell Cove, LLC for preliminary plat approval for the proposed Bell Cove Village Subdivision.

6.         Consider a request by Edward T. Smith, Jr., on behalf of ENC Fitness, Inc., for a Special Use Permit in order to allow for the establishment of an athletic club at 8700 Emerald Drive (Emerald Plantation Shopping Center).

7.         Consider the rezoning of certain properties from Residential Motel-Hotel (RMH) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF) as part of the 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan implementation process.

8.         Consider a presentation from Clarion Associates and Town staff on the Design Concepts Report for the Village East and Village West areas as identified in the Town’s 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan.


10.       Adjourn

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August 8, 2006 

Board of Commissioners

Action Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adoption of Agenda 
    (Agenda adopted 4-0 vote)
  5. Proclamations / Public Announcements
  6. Special Recognition – Mike Johnson, Board of Adjustment
  7. Consent Agenda
    1. Tax Refunds / Releases
    2. Minutes – May 17, 2006 Special Meeting
    3. Minutes – June 13, 2006 Regular Meeting
    4. Minutes – July 10, 2006 Regular Meeting
    5. Order Directing 2006 Tax Levy and Collection
    6. Budget Amendment – Cape Emerald Pipe Repairs
    7. Resolution Requesting Federal Funds for Bogue Inlet Connecting Channel Dredging 
      (Consent agenda items approved 4-0 vote)
  8. Public Comment
  9. Bogue Inlet Pier
    1. Presentation - Petition to Save Bogue Inlet Pier
    2. Memorandum of Understanding with NC Aquarium Society for Contributions
  10. Proposed Rezoning – Residential Motel Hotel (RMH) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF) – Queens Court
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Consideration of Rezoning
      (Approved 4-0 vote)
  11. Ordinance Amending Chapter 19 – Zoning – Regarding Signs Advertising Real Estate Open Houses
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Consideration of Ordinance Amendment
      (Approved 4-0 vote)
  12. Resolution Authorizing Pre-Positioned Emergency Generator and Emergency Pump Contract
    (Approved 4-0 vote)
  13. Appointments
    1. Board of Adjustment – 5 vacancies 
      (Appointed current BOA Alternate #2 Linda Hughs to regular BOA position to fill Mike Johnson's unexpired term expiring May 2008 4-0 vote)
      (Appointed current BOA Alternate #1 John Kilgore to regular BOA position for new term to expire May 2009 4-0 vote)
      (Reappointed Jerry Stockdale and Russell Adams to new terms expiring May 2009 4-0 vote)
      (Resulting vacancies for the two alternate BOA positions to be advertised)
    2. Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Association, Inc. – 2 vacancies
      (Appointed Bernie Whalley to new term expiring August 2008 4-0 vote)
      (Appointed Linda Hughs to new term expiring August 2009 4-0 vote)
  14. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Town Manager
  15. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
  16. Closed Session – Pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11(5), Potential Acquisition of Real Property
  17. Adjourn
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