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September 30, 2002 

Special Meeting - Board of Commissioners & Planning Board
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 09/30/2002

September 27, 2002 

Special Meeting - Board of Commissioners
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 09/27/2002

September 23, 2002 

Planning Board Minutes

Action Agenda
Town of Emerald Isle 
Regular Planning Board Meeting 
Monday, September 23, 2002
7:00 P.M. - Town Hall

Roll Call
  1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting August 26, 2002
  2. Report from Town Manager – Frank A. Rush, Town Manager
  3. Report from Building Inspector – James W. Taylor, Inspections Director
  4. Overview Regarding the Land Use Plan Update – William Farris, AICP 
    (Received a presentation from Bill Farris about the land use plan. The Planning Board then adopted a resolution asking for greater participation in the Land Use Plan Update)
  5. Sea Oats Village, Commercial Review – Larry Watson/John McLean/John Odom 
    (Recommended approval of the site plan for Sea Oats Village (near NC 58 and Bogue Inlet Drive), contingent upon clarification of fire access/sprinkler issues with the Fire Chief, and the elimination of one sign, as per Town Ordinances)
  6. Discussion regarding 3-story issue and/or delete additional setback requirement – Art Daniel, committee chairman 
    (Recommended approval of an ordinance amending the definition of a story and eliminating additional setbacks for stories greater than 2 or 3 stories. The recommended ordinance would allow an "attic story" in residential districts only. No changes are recommended to the absolute height limits or the number of stories in any zoning district)
  7. Election of Chairman of Planning Board 
    (Elected Art Daniel as Chairman to fill the remainder of Phil Almeida's term, which expires in January 02. An issue arose that highlighted our need to accurately determine the terms of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman)
    (Recommended that Art Daniel serve on the Land Use Plan Steering Committee. Ed Dowling was recommended as an alternate)
  8. Remarks by Chairman Almeida 
    (Phil Almeida made some parting comments)
  9. Comments of Members 
    (Art Daniel outlined his goals for his Chairman-ship)
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September 10, 2002 

Board of Commissioners


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adoption of Agenda 
    (Adopted with changes 5-0 vote)
  5. Public Announcements
  6. Proclamation – Patriot Day (September 11) – “A Day of Remembrance and Recognition”
  7. Presentation to Planning Board Chairman Phil Almeida
  8. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of Regular Meeting – August 13, 2002
    2. Minutes of Special Meeting – May 29, 2002
    3. Minutes of Special Meeting – May 30, 2002 
      (Approved with changes 5-0 vote)
  9. Public Comment
  10. Ordinance Amending Chapter 18 – Subdivisions - Regarding Sketch Design Plans and  Other Miscellaneous Amendments 
    (Approved by 3-2 vote Eckhardt, Farmer, Marks For, Messer, McElraft Opposed)
  11. Emerald Isle Land Use Plan (LUP)
    1. Resolution Authorizing Contract with William Farris for Preparation of the LUP 
      (Approved with amendment 3-2 vote, Eckhardt, Farmer, Marks For, McElraft, Messer Opposed)
    2. Approval of Steering Committee Composition and Appointment of Steering Committee Members
      (Approved 3-2 vote Eckhardt, Farmer, Marks For, McElraft, Messer Opposed)
  12. Eastern Phase – Beach Nourishment Project
    1. Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Bonds
    2. Update – Easement Acquisition / Potential Condemnations
  13. Presentation – Carteret County Economic Development Council
  14. Presentation – Distance Learning Opportunities 
    (No Action)
  15. Recommendations to USACE – Bogue Inlet Channel Realignment Project Delivery Team 
    (Approved with changes 3-2 vote Marks, McElraft, Messer For, Eckhardt, Farmer Opposed)
  16. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Town Manager
  17. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
  18. Closed Session - Attorney-Client Privilege, pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11 (a) (3)
  19. Adjourn
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 09/10/2002