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September 25, 2006 

Planning Board

 Town of Emerald Isle 
Planning Board Meeting 
Monday, September 25, 2006
6:00 PM at Town Hall

1.         Call to Order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Approval of the Minutes for the Regular Meeting held on August 28, 2006

4.         Report from the Planning Director

·        Town Board Meeting, September 12, 2006

·        Building Inspection Report, August 2006

·        Meetings to Note

1.      Board of Commissioners, October 10, 2006

2.      Planning Board, October 25, 2006

5          Consider possible amendments to Section 19, Zoning, of the Town Code in order to establish the Village-East Zoning District and the Village-East Conditional Zoning Overlay District as part of the 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan implementation process.


7.         Adjourn

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September 13, 2006 

Board of Adjustment

Town of Emerald Isle 
Board of Adjustment Meeting 
Wednesday, September 13, 2006 
9:00 AM at Town Hall

1.         Call to Order

2.         Roll Call

3.         Conduct an election to select a Chairperson for the Board of Adjustment

4.         Consider approval of the minutes for the meeting held on July 11, 2006

5.         Case 06-V-03.  A request by Pat Patteson, on behalf of Peter and Linda Flinn, for a variance to Section 19-101, Paragraph 4 of the Town Code in order to allow for the construction of a dwelling that would extend 10 feet into the required 30-foot front yard setback.  The property is located at 105 Barracuda Court.

6.         Case 06-V-04.   A request by Larry T. Watson, on behalf of Coastal Land Ventures, Inc., for a variance to Section 19-107, Paragraph 1 of the Town Code to allow for the construction of improvements to an existing building that would extend 15 to 20 feet into the required 40-foot front yard setback.  The property is located at 8101 Emerald Drive.  


8.         Adjourn

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September 12, 2006 

Special Meeting - Board of Commissioners
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September 12, 2006 

Board of Commissioners

Action Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adoption of Agenda 
    (Adopted Agenda 5-0 vote w/addition of Item 15.5 Revised Resolution Authorizing Contract for Storm Water Pipe Repairs - Cape Emerald, and Budget Amendment - General Fund)
  5. Proclamations / Public Announcements
    1. Proclamation – Firefighter Appreciation Month
    2. Proclamation – Emerald Isle Day 4 Kids
    3. Proclamation – 2006 Fall Big Sweep / Litter Sweep
  6. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes – August 8, 2006
    2. Resolution Authorizing Construction Contract for Soundside Pier Repair and Replacement – Hurricane Ophelia
    3. Budget Amendment – Disaster Recovery Fund
    4. Resolution Authorizing Hazard Mitigation Grant Application for Parks Maintenance Building
    5. Resolution Authorizing Coast Guard Road Storm Water Monitoring Contract
    6. Budget Amendment – General Fund – Coast Guard Road Storm Water Monitoring
    7. Budget Amendment – General Fund – Crew Drive Extension Project 
      (Approved Consent Agenda Items 5-0 vote)
  7. Public Comment
  8. Discussion / Consideration of Actions Relative to the Status of Bogue Inlet Pier
    (Approved Offer to Purchase and Contract, Budget Amendment, and Resolution 5-0 vote)
  9. Proposed Rezoning – Residential Motel Hotel (RMH) to Residential Multi-Family (RMF) – Sound of the Sea
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Consideration of Rezoning 
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  10. Preliminary Plat – Bell Cove Village Subdivision 
    (Approved 5-0 vote)
  11. Special Use Permit Request – ENC Fitness, Inc.- Emerald Plantation Shopping Center 
    (Approved 5-0 vote)
  12. Potential Re-Opening of Vehicle Access Ramp at The Point 
    (Approved re-opening 3-2 vote)
  13. Design Contract – New EMS Station
    1. Resolution Authorizing Contract with EDA-Morehead for Design Services
    2. Budget Amendment – General Fund
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  14. Ordinance Amending Chapter 8 – Fire Prevention and Protection – Regarding Volunteer Firefighters 
    (Approved 5-0 vote)
  15. Interlocal Agreement with Pine Knoll Shores and Indian Beach for FEMA Sand Replacement Project 
    (Approved 5-0 vote)
  16. Appointments – Board of Adjustment – 2 Alternates
    (Appointed Thomas J. Kelly Alternate #1 w/term expiring May 2007 - continue to seek applicant to fill remaining Alternate #2 position)
  17. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Town Manager
  18. Comments from Mayor and Board of Commissioners
  19. Adjourn
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