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Town Officials Closely Monitoring Hurricane Florence - Monday, Sept 10 - 7:30 am 


Hurricane Florence is a Serious Threat to Emerald Isle

Town officials have been monitoring Hurricane Florence since last week, and continue to monitor the storm, which is currently located approximately 1,250 miles southeast of Emerald Isle.   Hurricane Florence is currently forecast to make landfall near Wilmington, NC sometime late Thursday night, and is currently forecast to be a very powerful Category 4 storm at landfall. The exact storm track is likely to change, however, and it is still possible that Emerald Isle will receive a direct hit.  Everyone should be monitoring Florence now and making plans to keep your family safe during the storm.

Town officials will be meeting often over the next few days to determine the most appropriate guidance to our residents, property owners, and visitors.  Additional information will be forthcoming via the Town's numerous digital platforms noted below, so please stay tuned.  

Emerald Isle Bridge Will Remain OPEN Until an Evacuation Order and Curfew Has Been Implemented

Contrary to popular belief, the Emerald Isle bridge (NC 58) does not close at any set wind speed. The bridge will remain open until such time that the Town has implemented a formal evacuation order and Town-wide curfew, at which time travel into and out of Emerald Isle will be prohibited until further notice. 

Be Prepared!

Now is the time to begin planning for Hurricane Florence. For helpful information, please visit: .

Make Sure You Have Your Hurricane Re-Entry Permit Now

All Emerald Isle property owners have previously been issued hurricane re-entry permits, either from the Town or from the previous property owner.  These permits are available to residents and property owners ONLY, and will be used if it is necessary to limit access to the island after a storm event.  

Please check to make sure you have your hurricane re-entry permit now, and store it in the vehicle you intend to use to return to Emerald Isle.  If you need a replacement permit, please visit the Town Administration Building during normal business hours to secure a new permit.  The cost of a replacement permit is $25.  

Please do not wait until the last minute to secure your re-entry permit, as it may be necessary to close the Town Administration Building at some point before the storm impacts Emerald Isle. Town staff will be incredibly busy leading up to the storm, so please don't wait until the last minute.  

For more information about re-entry passes, please visit .

Stay Informed!

The Town works hard to keep our residents, property owners, and visitors well-informed, and offers several platforms.

The Town will provide additional updates on Hurricane Florence often (as warranted) in the coming days.  To receive the most current information from the Town of Emerald Isle, please:

- visit the Town's website at , 

- check the Town's Facebook page at Town of Emerald Isle, NC

- follow the Town's Twitter feed: @townemeraldisle

- sign up for the Town's email newsletter at , 

- sign up for text message alerts at , and/or

- download the Emerald Isle APP at Google Play and The APP Store (search for "emerald isle nc") and enable "push" notifications.

Stay safe!

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Help the Emerald Isle Fire Department Fight Breast Cancer  


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and thousands of Fire Departments across the nation have joined the fight against breast cancer.    To purchase your special EIFD t-shirt, please visit

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Town Pursuing Archers Creek Culvert Improvements With Goal to Enhance Tidal Flow, Improve Adjacent Marsh Environment 


The Town has included funding in the current budget to replace an aging 60" pipe culvert under Lee Avenue that allows Archers Creek to flow east toward Bogue Sound, and also allows tidal influence into areas west of the culvert.  The existing pipe culvert was installed in the late 1970s, and has deteriorated to the point that the Lee Avenue roadway could become compromised.  The Town originally planned to replace this culvert with an identical sized culvert in early 2019, however, in response to concerns from nearby property owners, the Town is now exploring the potential installation of a larger culvert or multiple culverts to enhance tidal flow in this area and promote the health of the adjacent coastal marsh.  

Town staff are currently working with engineers, State and Federal regulatory officials, the NC Coastal Federation, and nearby property owners to determine the appropriate scope of work, identify practical and/or regulatory issues, and identify potential grant funding sources. It is likely that the Town will pursue this more significant effort, which would delay culvert replacement until 2020 or later, depending on the ultimate project design. 

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NCDOT Contractor Begins Work on Underside of Emerald Isle Bridge 


A contractor for NCDOT has begun significant maintenance work on the underside of the Emerald Isle bridge, and crews have established a work base on the mainland side of the NC 58 bridge. This work is intended to extend the projected life of the bridge and will continue for the next several months, but is not expected to result in significant vehicle lane closures.  

NCDOT's contractor will also be installing new guardrails on the bridge prior to the 2019 tourism season.  The new guardrails will have a similar appearance as those on the Atlantic Beach - Morehead City bridge.  The current concrete railings are approximately 28 inches high, and the new steel railings will extend an additional 26 inches, resulting in a total guard rail height of 54 inches.  The photo below shows a simulated view with the new guard rails in place.

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US Army Corps of Engineers Dredging Bogue Inlet and Coast Guard Channel  


The US Army Corps of Engineers dredge "Currituck" is touching up the main navigation channel in Bogue Inlet, and is also removing shoals in the nearby Coast Guard channel.  This work is expected to be complete in early September, and will result in safer navigation channels for area boaters heading into the fall fishing season.  

The "Currituck" is a hopper dredge, which is akin to a floating dump truck.  The dredge spoils are collected in the "hopper" and are being deposited just offshore from The Point in the Atlantic Ocean. This type of dredge is different than the "Merritt", the sidecast dredge that usually completes navigation maintenance dredging in Bogue Inlet.  The sidecast dredge simply "casts" the dredge spoils out of the navigation channel into nearby shallow waters.  The Town is hopeful that the use of the "Currituck" for this round of dredging will promote a more stable navigation channel for a longer period of time. 

The work in the Coast Guard channel is funded exclusively by the United States Coast Guard. The work in the Bogue Inlet navigation channel is funded through a partnership between the State of North Carolina, the Town of Emerald Isle, and other nearby local governments, including Carteret County, Onslow County, and the towns of Swansboro, Cedar Point, and Cape Carteret.  

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The Point Remains Stable 13 Years After Channel Relocation  


It has now been more than 13 years since the Town successfully relocated the main ebb channel in Bogue Inlet away from The Point.  In 2005, the main channel was threatening numerous homes and infrastructure, and the Town relocated the channel to a more central location between Emerald Isle and Bear Island.  The sand removed for the new channel was used for beach nourishment along 4 miles of ocean beach in western Emerald Isle in 2005. 

The main ebb channel has remained away from Emerald Isle, and is currently located approximately 1,300 feet from the vehicle ramp at The Point.  The entire area remains stable, and is enjoyed by many beachgoers, fishermen, boaters, and wildlife.  The Point is arguably the most beautiful spot in Emerald Isle, and the Town remains committed to preserving this local treasure. Prior to the 2005 relocation, the Town's engineers predicted that the main ebb channel would eventually migrate back toward Emerald Isle in approximately 15 years.  The Town continues to monitor the position of the main ebb channel, and plans to relocate the channel again when it moves within 1,000 feet of The Point vehicle ramp.  The Town is in early planning stages for the next relocation, which is tentatively planned for 2022, and the sand removed will again be used for beach nourishment at that time.  

The Point - 2004

The Point - 2017

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Bogue Banks Water Corporation Responds to Water Quality Concerns 


Bogue Banks Water Corporation, the separate non-profit corporation that provides drinking water for Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, and Salter Path, has issued a statement in response to water quality concerns. To view the statement and learn more about BBWC please visit their website -

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3rd Annual Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival - Saturday, September 29!  

Join Us for the the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival - Saturday, September 29! Sponsored by Transportation Impact

The 3rd annual "re-boot" of the iconic Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival will be held on Saturday, September 29 on the beach strand at the Western Ocean Regional Access off Islander Drive. Please join us for a great day of sun, sand, and music!  Admission is FREE!

The 2016 and 2017 events attracted an estimated 8,000 - 9,000 people, and the Town looks forward to another great crowd on September 29.  The festivities begin at 10:30 am, and will continue all afternoon long, with performances by Sammy O'Banion, Band of Oz, Fantastic Shakers, Chairmen of the Board, the Embers, and the Tams!

Make plans now to be in Emerald Isle for a beautiful early fall weekend!

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EI Police Department Issue Press Release - Need Help Identifying Person of Interest 


Please read Press Release issued 8/17/2018 by the Emerald Isle Police Department.

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3rd Annual Golf With A Cop Takes Place on Saturday, October 20 

 The Emerald Isle Police Department and Neighborhood Watch invite all golfers to join us at our 3rd annual golf outing. Get to know your area Police Officers and Neighborhood Watch volunteers while enjoying a round at beautiful Star Hill Golf Club in Cape Carteret. View details here

*All entry forms must be complete and payment included by September 15th to enter.  For more information call Sandra DeLorme, EIPD Community Resource Officer, at 252-354-2021.*

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