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EI Police Department Issue Press Release - Need Help Identifying Person of Interest 


Please read Press Release issued 8/17/2018 by the Emerald Isle Police Department.

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3rd Annual Golf With A Cop Takes Place on Saturday, October 20 

 The Emerald Isle Police Department and Neighborhood Watch invite all golfers to join us at our 3rd annual golf outing. Get to know your area Police Officers and Neighborhood Watch volunteers while enjoying a round at beautiful Star Hill Golf Club in Cape Carteret. View details here

*All entry forms must be complete and payment included by September 15th to enter.  For more information call Sandra DeLorme, EIPD Community Resource Officer, at 252-354-2021.*

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Emerald Isle's 13th Annual Day4Kids Vendor and Sponsorship Opportunities! 

Bringing adults and children of all ages together for a fun-filled day of vendors, activities, games, face painting and more!  Celebrate our children by spending meaningful time with them.  Day4Kids will be held Saturday, September 15th from 10am to 2pm at Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Center, 203 Leisure Lane in Emerald Isle.  Rain or Shine.  Call for details 252.354.6350 or email Sarah Cutillo at  Interested vendors and sponsors should contact Sarah Cutillo, Event Director.  Vendors are NOT allowed to sell items, giveaways only.  There is no vendor fee.  However, vendors are responsible for giveaway items (approved by event director) for the first 400 children to visit their booth.  Sponsor a meaningful event for the children of our community by supplying the funds necessary to provide this free day of family fun.  

Vendor Agreement

Sponsorsorship Form

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Kentucky Woman Tragically Drowns in Emerald Isle 


Tragically, a 49-year old woman visiting Emerald Isle from Kentucky drowned in the Atlantic Ocean last evening (Sunday, August 5). 

Donna Sue Miller, from Clay City, Kentucky, was visiting Emerald Isle with a close friend and the friend's 9-year old daughter.  The three were reportedly caught in a rip current shortly before 7 pm last night near The Islander Hotel, where the three were staying for their weekend trip to the beach.  The other 2 individuals made it safely back to shore, however, Mrs. Miller was located shortly thereafter face down in the water, and was brought to shore by bystanders.  Emerald Isle emergency personnel initiated CPR on the scene and continued efforts during transport to Carteret Healthcare, but, unfortunately, Mrs. Miller did not survive. 

All of us at the Town of Emerald Isle are saddened by this tragedy, and offer our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Miller's family and friends.  We offer our heartfelt prayers for healing and understanding during this difficult time.  

Although Emerald Isle experienced dangerous ocean conditions over an 11-day period in late July, ocean conditions were relatively calm in Emerald Isle all weekend, including last evening.  Winds were light out of the south-southwest at 4 - 8 mph, and wave heights were reported at approximately 2 feet every 8 seconds.  The air temperature was 81 degrees under mostly clear skies at the time of the drowning incident.  The incident occurred a little more than 2 hours before low tide, which occurred shortly after 9 pm on Sunday.    

Know What to Do in a Rip Current

Rip currents can often form quickly and disappear quickly, and may be present in multiple locations along the beach strand - even when conditions appear relatively calm.  Rip currents are often most dangerous in the 1 - 2 hours prior to low tide, so extra caution should be exercised during this time period.  

Please make sure you know what to do if you become caught in a rip current, as illustrated below:




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Town Water Rescue Personnel Working Hard! 


The Emerald Isle Fire Department oversees the Town's beach lifeguard program, and all Fire and lifeguard personnel receive extensive water rescue training and respond to numerous calls each summer.  The period from July 22 - August 1 included dangerous ocean conditions, and was particularly busy for water rescues.  Town staff rescued a total of 84 individuals during this time period, and participated in numerous educational interactions with beach visitors.  

The Town is proud of our water rescue team, and greatly appreciates their heroic efforts!    

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NC Commissioner of Insurance Settles Dwelling Insurance Rate Increase  


NC Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey recently announced that his office agreed to a 10.5% rate increase for dwelling insurance policies that cover wind damages to second homes and vacation rental units in Emerald Isle and other barrier island communities in North Carolina. The approved rate increase is significantly less than the 39.6% rate increase originally requested by the NC Rate Bureau (the entity representing NC insurance companies).  

The dwelling rate settlement follows a previous settlement regarding homeowners insurance rates earlier this year.  For homeowners insurance, the NC Rate Bureau had requested increases ranging from 25% - 40% for Emerald Isle and other barrier island communities, and Commissioner Causey ultimately settled that issue with 5.5% - 12% increases.   

The Town is pleased that the approved rate increases are much lower than originally requested by the NC Rate Bureau, and appreciates Commissioner Causey's efforts.  However, the Town continues to assert that homeowners and dwelling insurance rates are excessive in Emerald Isle and other barrier island communities (as much as 4 - 5 times higher than many other communities in NC), and has repeatedly requested that Commissioner Causey work with the NC General Assembly to implement a fairer rate structure.  The Town will continue to work toward this goal in the future. 

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Emerald Isle Continues to Enjoy Low Property Tax Rate  


Emerald Isle is fortunate to enjoy a low property tax rate, and all of us at the Town work hard to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost to our taxpayers. For FY 18-19, Emerald Isle again boasts the 2nd lowest General Fund property tax rate among the 21 oceanfront towns in North Carolina.

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3rd Annual Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival - Saturday, September 29! Sponsorship Opportunities Available  


The Town is excited for the 3rd installment of the new Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival on September 29, and has booked another great lineup for this year's event on the beach strand at the Western Ocean Regional Access.  Performers include Sammy O'Banion, the Band of Oz, Fantastic Shakers, Chairmen of the Board, the Embers, and the Tams.  Come on out and enjoy a beautiful weekend in Emerald Isle!

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2018 Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival.  Please contact Alesia Sanderson, Parks and Recreation Director, at or 252-354-6350 if your business is interested in sponsoring this great annual event.  Multiple sponsorship levels are available.

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Conditions Improving in Emerald Isle, But Moderate Rip Current Risk Remains - RED FLAGs Removed 


(Posted Thursday, August 2, 2018 @ 9:00 am)

FINALLY! Conditions Improving in Emerald Isle, But Moderate Rip Current Risk Remains

Town officials have completed local observations this morning, and are pleased to report gradually improving ocean conditions along Emerald Isle's ~ 12 miles of ocean beaches.  The public may resume normal recreational use of the ocean in Emerald Isle, however, the Town urges everyone to be cautious when playing in the ocean.  The National Weather Service has issued a moderate rip current warning for Emerald Isle.    

RED FLAGs Removed; YELLOW FLAG Conditions In Place

Town staff are in the process of removing the RED FLAGS this morning, and the Town is returning to YELLOW FLAG conditions.  YELLOW FLAG conditions are the Town's normal designation, as entering the ocean always involves some degree of risk.  The Town flies YELLOW FLAGs at the Eastern Ocean Regional Access, Western Ocean Regional Access, at Bogue Inlet Pier, on Town ATVs, and at the two Fire Stations on NC 58, but does not fly the YELLOW FLAGs along the entire beach strand in the same locations as the RED FLAGs.    

BE SAFE!  Know What to Do in a Rip Current!

Although the RED FLAGs have been removed, and the public may again enjoy playing in the ocean, the Town continues to urge caution.  The ocean is among the most enjoyable places to play, but is also inherently dangerous, and everyone is encouraged to be aware of conditions, swim with a friend, remain vigilant in monitoring children, and know what to do if you are caught in a rip current!

To learn more about beach safety, please visit .  


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RED FLAGS Remain in Place - Dangerous Conditions Continue, Swimming Prohibited 


(Posted Wednesday, August 1, 2018 @ 10:00 am)

RED FLAGS Remain in Place

The National Weather Service has indicated a moderate rip current risk along most of the North Carolina coast, but conditions in Emerald Isle today remain dangerous.  Based on local observations, RED FLAGS remain in place in Emerald Isle.  RED FLAGS will remain in place until conditions improve.

Dangerous Conditions Continue, Swimming Prohibited

Despite the fact that the RED FLAGS have been in place for more than a week, some individuals still choose to enter the ocean water, and Town emergency personnel have responded to several water rescue calls in recent days.  These irresponsible individuals are putting themselves, other beach visitors who may be inclined to enter the water to assist them, and our emergency personnel at risk unnecessarily.  Thus, the Town is hereby prohibiting swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Emerald Isle, and violators may be cited.  This prohibition does not apply to individuals engaged in surfing or boating activities.    

RED FLAGS Will Be Removed When Conditions Warrant, Town Hopeful That Conditions Will Improve Soon

The Town hoped that conditions would have improved by now, but conditions remain dangerous in Emerald Isle.  The Town remains hopeful that conditions will improve soon, and urges patience on the part of all residents and visitors.  We understand the disappointment and frustration that these conditions create, but our first priority is public safety.  This disappointment and frustration is not worth your life or another individual's life.

Emerald Isle Fire Department and lifeguard staff continue to monitor conditions in Emerald Isle multiple times daily, and continue consulting the National Weather Service for guidance. Additional guidance will be communicated via numerous digital platforms, including the Town's website ( ), the Town's Facebook page (Town of Emerald Isle, NC is the official page of Town government), the Town's Twitter feed (@townemeraldisle), via the Emerald Isle App (available for download - search Town of Emerald Isle, NC), via the Town's email newsletter list (sign up at ), and via text message alerts - sign up at .

Learn More, and Know What to Do in a Rip Current

Each of the Town's public access locations (large regional accesses and neighborhood accesses) include signage that explain what to do if you find yourself caught in a rip current.  Please take the time to read it when you head out to the beach!  

For current National Weather Service rip current forecasts, and an informative video about rip currents, please visit . 

To learn more about beach safety, please visit .  


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