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Request for Qualifications / Statement of Approach 

2016 Comprehensive Plan / Land Use Plan Update

The Town of Emerald Isle (the “Town”) is seeking the services of an innovative, yet practical-minded consultant to assist in the development of an updated Comprehensive Plan / Land Use Plan (the “Plan”).  The selected consultant will begin work in early 2016, and it is expected that the entire planning process will occur during 2016, culminating in Board of Commissioners adoption of a new Plan in late 2016 or early 2017.  It is anticipated that the development of the new 2016 Plan will be guided by a Board-appointed steering committee, and the consultant will be assisted by the Town Planner and Town Manager throughout the process.

It is anticipated that the new 2016 Plan will include future land use goals and policy statements, and will utilize a similar framework and style as the Town’s existing 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan.  The Town was fortunate to enjoy significant community participation in the 2004 Plan, and the Town’s Mayor, Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, and staff have diligently relied upon the 2004 Plan for the past 11 years to manage the Town’s private sector development and to guide public investment in new facilities and infrastructure.  In short, the Emerald Isle community “bought in” to the vision and goals outlined in the 2004 Plan, and the Town has used that plan to become (for the most part) the community envisioned in the 2004 Plan.  It is believed that the overall vision and the majority of the key Town goals and policy statements included in the 2004 Plan remain valid in 2016.  Thus, the Town seeks to confirm, amend, or adjust this overall vision and these key Town goals and policy statements in any way that better aligns with the community’s vision and values in 2016, and also seeks to develop new goals and policy statements to guide new development and public investment over the next decade or more.

In addition to the land use components (including the required CAMA-mandated provisions), the Town intends for the 2016 Plan to serve as a comprehensive plan for future public investment to achieve the community’s overall vision.  It is anticipated that the 2016 Plan will include the identification of strategic public initiatives supported by the community and aimed at achieving the overall vision.

2004 CAMA Land Use Plan
The Town’s 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan can be accessed at .  The Town is very pleased with the framework and style of the 2004 Plan, particularly the ease of reading and ease of understanding of the vision and policy statements. Essentially, the Town appreciates that the current plan is meaningful, concise, and clear to the reader, and the Town seeks to maintain these attributes in the new 2016 Plan.  The Town is not seeking a new 2016 Plan that includes over-analysis, is too lengthy, too “boilerplate”, or difficult for the average citizen to read and understand.

The Town’s expectation is that all relevant data in the 2004 Plan will be updated with the most recent data available, and will be supplemented with any new data that creates a better understanding of the trends impacting Emerald Isle.  The updated and new data will be used to inform the vision and policy statements included in the new 2016 Plan.  The Town also expects the 2016 Plan to include all relevant maps, presented in both digital and print format.

2006 Design Concepts Report – Village East and Village West Focus Areas
The 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan identified two particular areas with potential for significant redevelopment, and established the Village East and Village West future land use areas.  The Town followed up the 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan with a more detailed Design Concepts Report in 2006, and that report can also be accessed at .  The Town has since created new zoning districts to promote the vision for these areas, and a few projects have moved forward in recent years.  Due to the prolonged downturn in the real estate market, however, the vision for these areas has not yet been realized.

It is anticipated that the new 2016 Plan will include a renewed discussion about the Village East and Village West future land use areas, and also a similar area known as Marina Village.  The new 2016 Plan may include an expanded emphasis on these areas, including efforts to create a more defined, welcoming, and active “downtown” area in Emerald Isle (included in the Village East area).

Current Town Zoning
The Town’s current zoning map can be accessed at .  The Town is zoned primarily for single-family and duplex residential development, and nearly all of this land has been previously subdivided, with approximately 900+/- vacant lots remaining for infill residential development in established subdivisions.  Several existing condominium developments are included in a residential multi-family zoning district, and other residential zoning specifically allows mobile homes.

The main commercial area is located along NC 58 in the center of Emerald Isle, with a smaller commercial area in eastern Emerald Isle.  The Village East zoning district has been established, and is centered in the “downtown” area near Bogue Inlet Pier, while Village West has been partially established, and is centered on Islander Drive.

The Town’s Unified Development Ordinance can be accessed at .

Public Input and Participation
The Town’s success in recent years is, in large part, the result of a clear, community-supported vision, and the determined efforts of the Mayor, Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, and Town staff to achieve that vision.  Public input and participation were essential in determining that vision, and the process for the new 2016 Plan will also strive to maximize public input and participation.

Desired approaches to maximize public input and participation include

  • oversight by a Board-appointed steering committee that is likely to include select members of the Planning Board, select members of the Board of Commissioners, local business leaders, absentee property owners, and other residents,
  • stakeholder interviews with local business leaders, the owners of multiple and significant large parcels, and others,
  • special efforts to secure input from absentee property owners,
  • an online survey offered through the Town’s website, and
  • other cost-effective strategies recommended by the consultant.

Anticipated Budget
The anticipated budget for the development of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan / Land Use Plan Update is $25,000 - $30,000.  This budget reflects the belief that the new 2016 Plan is primarily a confirmation, adjustment (as determined during the planning process), and expansion (as new ideas emerge during the planning process) of the 2004 CAMA Land Use Plan, and also reflects the availability of staff assistance from the Town Planner and Town Manager in this process.  The exact scope of work, staff assistance, and fee will be negotiated with the selected consultant.

Submission of Qualifications / Statement of Approach
Interested consultants should submit a summary of qualifications, relevant experience, and a “statement of approach” to both:


Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager                                  Josh Edmondson, Town Planner

Town of Emerald Isle                                                          Town of Emerald Isle

7500 Emerald Drive                                                            7500 Emerald Drive

Emerald Isle, NC  28594,           and                                 Emerald Isle, NC  28594,

and / or     and            .

The “statement of approach” should outline the consultant’s planned approach to the 2016 Comprehensive Plan / Land Use Plan Update.  Potential information might include the general methods the consultant will use to meet the Town’s expectations for the new 2016 Plan, ideas to maximize public input and participation, the ideal composition and number of members of the steering committee, ideas to complete the new 2016 Plan in the most-effective manner, and other creative approaches.

The total submission should not exceed 15 pages. 

Submissions should be received no later than November 25, 2015.

Selection Process
A subcommittee consisting of 1 or 2 members of the Planning Board, 1 or 2 members of the Board of Commissioners, the Town Planner, and the Town Manager will review submissions in November and December 2015, and conduct interviews in December 2015.  It is anticipated that a consulting contract will be formally awarded by the Board of Commissioners in January 2016, and the process will begin soon thereafter.

To learn more about the Town of Emerald Isle, please visit our website at .

Thank you for your interest in Emerald Isle!

Thursday, October 22, 2015 5:01:00 PM

New State Budget Does NOT Harm Emerald Isle's Sales Tax 


The NC General Assembly adopted the FY 15-16 State budget in September, and the new budget includes sales tax provisions that provide additional financial assistance to rural counties but does NOT reduce the amount of sales tax revenue provided to Emerald Isle, Carteret County, and other tourism communities.  The Town is pleased with this outcome, as sales tax is the Town's most important revenue source.

Total sales tax revenues in Emerald Isle are in excess of $1.65 million per year.  Earlier proposals under consideration by the NC General Assembly could have reduced Emerald Isle's annual sales tax revenues by anywhere from $200,000 to more than $1 million.  Town officials worked closely with other officials in Carteret County to oppose the earlier proposals, and also received great support from NC Representative Pat McElraft, NC Senator Norman Sanderson, and Governor Pat McCrory.


Thursday, October 15, 2015 11:06:00 AM

Senator Jean Preston Memorial Playground Closer to Reality 


Fundraising for the new Senator Jean Preston Memorial Playground continues, with nearly $60,000 in cash donations, grants, and in-kind donations committed.  The volunteer fundraising committee's fundraising goal is $75,000.  If you'd like to contribute to this great new playground located on Bogue Sound adjacent to the Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area, please visit .  We hope to open the new playground on May 25, 2016, on what would have been Senator Preston's 81st birthday.

Thursday, October 15, 2015 11:06:00 AM

Carteret County Economic Development Survey 

Carteret County Economic Development Survey The Carteret County Economic Development Strategic Planning Committee, as part of its public outreach efforts, requests you to participate in the following survey to assist in identifying our county’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities as they relate to the local economy and our community’s ability to stimulate job creation and economic prosperity.

Carteret County Economic Development Survey

This survey takes approximately 6 minutes to complete.

The survey is designed to be anonymous. This is a public opinion survey. Your participation is voluntary. The cumulative results of the survey will be available as a public record to the media and others. You are not required to answer all the questions. You may skip a question for any reason.

Thank you in advance for participating and sharing your opinion!

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Monday, October 5, 2015 8:24:00 AM

Cherry Point Regional JLUS study survey  

It’s time to be Heard!

By now you know that a joint land use study (JLUS) is underway to enable the mission of MCAS Cherry Point, promote local economic development and preserve the lifestyle we all have come to enjoy.  This is your chance to be heard and get involved in the future development of the JLUS region.  How can you provide meaningful involvement in the planning process?  Attend and participate in one or all of the community engagement meetings listed below:

Pamlico County

Sept 22


Pamlico Community College, Delamar Center


5049 Hwy 306 South, Grantsboro, NC  28529


Craven County Road Show

Sept 22


Township #6 Volunteer Fire Department

109 Carolina Pines Blvd, New Bern, NC 28560

Carteret County

Sept 29


Atlantic School


151 School Drive, Atlantic, NC

Also, please take a minute if you can and complete our survey at

While you are there, take a look around and see what’s going on.  You can also Like our Facebook Page and be a part of the discussion.  You can also share the page with friends and family to get them involved.  Another way to stay informed is to follow the Twitter feed where we will post new information and meeting times.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, that’s ok, just view the feed on the website and Facebook to keep up to date.

We look forward to your involvement in whatever way fits your schedule.  Whether it’s you attending a meeting or listening to your opinions from the survey, Facebook and the comments section of the website.

Timothy Blair Chambers, Jr
Community Development Planner
The Wooten Company
120 North Boylan Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603

Project Partners


Monday, October 5, 2015 8:18:00 AM

Emerald Isle Vacation Rental Management Companies Announce Mandatory Deck Inspections Program 


In an effort to promote visitor safety, the 7 vacation rental management companies, in partnership with the Town of Emerald Isle, have initiated a new mandatory deck inspections program for the more than 1,500 vacation rental units managed by these companies in Emerald Isle.


Effective October 1, 2015, all single family and duplex vacation rental units managed by these companies are required to be inspected at least once annually by EITHER a licensed North Carolina general contractor  OR  a licensed North Carolina professional engineer for identification of any safety / structural concerns.  It is anticipated that inspections and repairs will be complete by March 1, 2016.  Vacation rental unit owners will then be required to complete necessary safety / structural repairs identified during the annual inspection, and failure to complete the necessary safety / structural repairs will result in the vacation rental unit being suspended from the vacation rental companies' management programs until the repairs are complete.  Angelfish Properties, Bluewater Real Estate, CENTURY 21 Coastland Realty, Emerald Isle Realty, Shorewood Real Estate, Spinnakers Reach Realty, and Sun-Surf Realty all place the highest priority on our visitors' safety, and have enthusiastically committed to this new program.


The Town of Emerald Isle will assist the vacation rental management companies in this effort by inspecting serious deficiencies reported to the vacation rental unit owner but not yet repaired. Under NC law, the Town's inspectors (contracted through Carteret County) are authorized to inspect existing decks upon receipt of a complaint, and the 7 vacation rental management companies will continue to work closely with the Town by reporting such deficiencies.  Town inspectors will determine if the vacation rental unit's decks are safe for human occupancy, and any unsafe decks will be posted accordingly and may not be utilized until corrective action is taken.


All 7 of the vacation rental management companies and the Town of Emerald Isle pride ourselves on our family beach image and small-town atmosphere, and remain committed to providing the highest quality, safest beach vacation experience for our visitors.  The 7 companies and the Town have been working hard since two unfortunate deck collapse incidents this past summer to promote deck safety, including numerous inspections, repairs, educational initiatives, and more.  The new mandatory deck inspections program represents a more formal concerted effort to promote the safety of our visitors.


While all of us in Emerald Isle are working hard to promote deck safety, we also remind our visitors to be mindful of the number of guests occupying a deck structure.  Lifelong family and group memories are made every day in Emerald Isle, and we encourage everyone to document these memories with safety in mind!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Carteret County Sheriff's Office Issues News Release 

Croatan High School Rumor

The Carteret County Sheriff's Office has issued the following News Release regarding the Croatan High School Rumor.


News Release dated September 30, 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 10:33:00 AM

Carteret County Providing Text to 911 

Carteret County Emergency Services now offers text to 9-­1-­1 capabilities from four major US cell phone carriers.  Verizon, Sprint, T-­Mobile, and AT&T customers in Carteret County can now send a short message service (SMS) text message to 9-­1-­1 for emergency help when unable to make a 9-­1-­1 voice call. This service will be available to any mobile phone customer within range of a cell tower in Carteret County.

View Text to 911 Press Release for full details.

View Text to 911 FAQs

Friday, September 25, 2015 5:17:00 PM

Coyotes in Emerald Isle 


The Town has received reports of coyotes on the island (and they are also becoming more common in many NC cities and towns), and is closely monitoring their proliferation. The Town is consulting with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission on this issue, and thus far the NCWRC recommends no action at this time. Depending on how this issue develops, the Town may take a more active approach.

Below are several articles and fact sheets regarding Coyotes:

View - Coyotes in Towns and Suburbs

View - Coexisting with Coyotes

View - Living with Wildlife - Coyotes



Thursday, September 24, 2015 1:10:00 PM

Beach Driving Permits On Sale Now 

The Town allows driving on the beach strand between September 15 and April 30 for four-wheel drive vehicles with a Town-issued permit.  Permits are now available at the Town Administration Building (7509 Emerald Drive). Learn more about the program and complete the permit form. Be safe, respect others enjoying the beach strand, avoid the dunes, and have fun!

Monday, September 14, 2015 2:14:00 PM
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