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Learn More About Emerald Isle, and our Issues and Projects! 


We all love Emerald Isle, and all of us realize how blessed we all are to enjoy this special place! Whether you've been here for many years, or only recently found us, we want to make sure you know as much as possible about our great town!  The Town prepares and updates several general information documents, and you can easily access this information at the Town's website:

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Enjoy Your Golf Cart, But Be Safe and Follow the Rules! 


There are now approximately 900 golf carts registered in the Town's local golf cart program, and the program continues to grow.  The Town is pleased to offer this additional mode of convenient transportation for our residents and property owners, and urges all golf cart operators to be safe and follow the rules.  The most significant regulations are as follows:

  • all golf carts must be registered with the Town annually, 
  • all registered golf carts must be equipped with specified safety equipment, including seatbelts, headlights, tail lights, blinkers, and more, 
  • golf cart operators must possess a drivers license, and be at least 18 years old, 
  • golf carts are not permitted to be operated on NC 58 and Coast Guard Road, however, drivers may cross over these roads, 
  • golf carts are not permitted to be operated on the NC 58 and Coast Guard Road bicycle paths, 
  • open containers of alcohol are prohibited, and golf cart operators driving under the influence will be arrested. 

A full description of the program and regulations is located at .  It is important to note that these regulations do not apply to any golf cart with North Carolina license plates or to golf carts operated solely on private streets in private subdivisions.  

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URGENT - Action Required TODAY - Proposed Dwelling Insurance Increase for Second Homes and Vacation Rental Units 


Submit Your Comments to the NC Department of Insurance by the end of today!

The NC Rate Bureau, the entity representing NC insurance companies, has filed for ANOTHER significant rate increase (39.6%) for dwelling insurance policies that cover wind damages to second homes and vacation rental units.  This requested increase is different and separate from a previously requested 25% - 40% increase for homeowners and condominium unit owners insurance that was requested by the Rate Bureau in late 2017, was initially denied by NC Insurance Commissioner Causey, and will be subject to further negotiations later in 2018. 

ACTION on the new requested rate increase for second homes and vacation rental units is required TODAY, as the deadline for comments is at the end of business today (March 23). Please take a quick moment to cut and paste the comment below, and email it to: .

Dear Commissioner Causey:

I am writing to you as a property owner in Emerald Isle to request that you completely reject the requested 39.6% increase in wind premiums for dwellings in Territory #120, and that you also work toward a fairer rate structure for wind insurance in coastal North Carolina.

Dwelling policy holders in Emerald Isle and other coastal areas already pay unreasonably high premiums for wind insurance, and the requested 39.6% increase for our area will further increase the disparity between the coastal region and other areas of North Carolina.  The requested increase will place additional economic burdens on us, and will harm the coastal tourism economy that is vital to our Town, region, and the entire State of North Carolina.

We greatly appreciate your consideration of our concerns, and again request that the NC Department of Insurance undertake serious efforts to develop a fairer rate structure for wind insurance in coastal North Carolina. 

Thank you for your concern and attention to this issue.




Your Name

Your Address

To learn more, and to review a copy of the NC Rate Bureau filing, please visit .

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Emerald Isle Roundabout – Lane Usage 


NCDOT has prepared the attached graphic to better illustrate proper lane usage in the new NC 58 roundabout at Mallard Drive in Emerald Isle.  Drive safely!”


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Vote Emerald Isle - EVERY DAY! USA Today Poll of Favorite NC Beaches! 



USA TODAY 10 Best Reader's Choice Awards has nominated Emerald Isle as a "Favorite Beach in North Carolina", and we are currently in first place! 

Please help keep us in the top spot by voting each and every day at the link below!  The poll closes on April 2.


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This Weekend - 2018 Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival - March 16 & 17! 

27th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival!

Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17

Proudly Presented by Transportation Impact

There's no better way to spend a beautiful spring weekend than at the annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival!  Emerald Isle's signature event is back for its 27th year, gets started on Friday night, and continues all day long on Saturday! 

Kids rides will operate from 5 pm - 10 pm on Friday night, with a low, all-inclusive fee. Come back on Saturday for all the traditional live music, kids rides, arts and crafts vendors, specialty foods, beer tent, and much more from 9 am - 6 pm!

 The weather is expected to be clear in Emerald Isle this weekend, with temperatures in the 60s forecast for Saturday. Bring your family and friends, and head to the beach this weekend!

Flyer Print View!

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Important Race Participant Information - 5th Annual Emerald Isle Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K! 


The 5th Annual Emerald Isle Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K takes place on March 10, 2018.

View Important Race Participant Information

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Marine Debris Alert - 70+ Cargo Containers Lost off North Carolina Coast 


The cargo ship Maersk Shanghai lost 70+ containers near the North Carolina Outer Banks over the weekend.  These containers present significant navigation threats, as well as potential human health risks.  Some of the cargo included hazardous materials.  

If you encounter any washed up drums or larger fiberboard boxes, please avoid the area and report this marine debris to the US Coast Guard National Response Center (800-424-8802), Emergency Operations Center (800-858-0368), or your local law enforcement.  


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Restrooms at Public Boat Launch Facility Temporarily Closed 


Please be advised that the restrooms at the Public Boat Launch Facility are temporarily closed due to high winds. 

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NC 58 Roundabout Set To Open For Traffic - It's Safe and Easy to Use! 


The new NC 58 roundabout at the Mallard Drive intersection is scheduled to open for traffic on the evening of March 1.  The new roundabout was constructed by the developer of the new Publix grocery store in lieu of a proposed new traffic signal, and also serves as a "pilot project" for Emerald Isle to evaluate the potential for future roundabouts recommended by NCDOT.  

Roundabouts are increasingly more common all over the United States, and there are now nearly 300 roundabouts in use in North Carolina.  Despite understandable initial fears, roundabouts are safe and easy to use!  The key things to keep in mind are:  1) just like any other street intersection, drivers need to be aware and exercise good judgment when moving through the roundabout,  2) always YIELD to the vehicle already in the roundabout, and  3) as you approach the roundabout, simply move into the correct lane for your desired turn (just like you do at the four signalized intersections in Emerald Isle).  

The new roundabout includes safer pedestrian crossings across NC 58 and Mallard Drive, with a "safe" island halfway through the crossings.  The new roundabout is also designed to accommodate tractor-trailers, boat trailers, and emergency vehicles, so these vehicles shouldn't have any trouble traveling through the roundabout. 

Drive safe!  


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