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NCDOT to install temporary zipper merge 

NCDOT to Install Temporary Zipper Merge in Carteret County - Installation will take a few hours

To help relieve congestion at a Carteret County intersection, the N.C. Department of Transportation will install a temporary traffic management tool this week.

The department’s contractor will begin installing a zipper merge on N.C. 58 at N.C. 24 in Cedar Point at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 14. Crews will install multiple message boards, speed sensors and cameras, and are expected to be complete around 10 p.m.

Zipper merges address congestion by promoting the use of the auxiliary lane during heavy traffic times. Depending on traffic conditions, message boards may indicate "Right Lane Ends / Merge Left", or “Use Both Lanes to Merge Point." The NCDOT website has more information on how a zipper merge works.

Over the following weeks, NCDOT may continue to make minor changes to optimize the zipper merge notification operation. 

While the temporary system is in place, NCDOT will receive feedback from the technology and community to determine if a permanent zipper merge will be installed at a later date.

For real-time travel information, visit or follow NCDOT on social media.

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Paid Parking 101: April - Sept 2021 

Paid parking is in effect seven days a week from April 1 through Sept. 30, 2021, at both the Eastern and Western Ocean Regional accesses. 

NCParking Kiosks will be in place at these two public accesses in Emerald Isle to accept payment for parking. The video below by NCParking shows how to use these kiosks or the phone app to pay for your time. Payment is accepted through debit or credit card. 

Patrons may also download the Passport parking app to pay for their parking spot. The second video listed below shows how to use the phone app. 

This program runs seven days a week from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

If you have customer service questions, or wish to appeal or pay a parking citation, please call NCParking at 910-515-8825 or visit NCPARKINGCO.RMCPAY.COM. Tickets are not distributed or paid through the Town. 

For more information about paid beach parking, please review our Beach Parking 101 release. 


The video above shows how to use the payment kiosks for beach parking. There are two kiosks at both accesses. (NCParking video) 


The video above explains how to use the Passport parking app to pay for beach parking in Emerald Isle. (NCParking video)

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Phase II - Disaster Debris Removal Contract for the Storm Seasons through June 30, 2023 

Phase II - Disaster Debris Removal Contract for the Storm Seasons through June 30, 2023


The Town of Emerald Isle is currently accepting bids for the Phase II - Disaster Debris Removal Contract for the Storm Seasons through June 30, 2023.  Bidders’ Instructions and Proposal Forms may be obtained in the link below, from the Town Administration Building located at 7509 Emerald Dr., Emerald Isle, NC, or by contacting Laura Rotchford, at 252-354-3424.  Sealed bids will be addressed to “DEBRIS REMOVAL CONTRACT” at 7500 Emerald Dr., Emerald Isle, NC  28594.  Deadline for submittal of bids will be 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 30, 2021, at which time the bids will be opened and read aloud to the public in a conference room made available in the Town Administration Building located at 7509 Emerald Dr., Emerald Isle, NC.  

Interested parties are recommended to attend the Pre-bid Conference scheduled at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 23, 2021, in a conference room made available in the Town Administration Building located at 7509 Emerald Dr., Emerald Isle, NC. 

The Town of Emerald Isle reserves the right to reject any or all project proposals.

Phase II - Disaster Debris Removal Request for Proposals

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Beach Nourishment Update - April 12, 2021 

The following beach nourishment update has been issued by the Carteret County Shore Protection Office on April 12, 2021:

Liberty Island = "Line 4", Rhett Street heading WEST to Tie-in at Elizabeth Street 
Ellis Island = "Line 5", Heading EAST from a pipeline landing at 14th Street towards 10th Street, 5th Street, etc.


SEE 4/12/2021 PROGRESS MAP – Not much change over the weekend in a macroscopic sense.  The hopper dredge Liberty Island continues pumping WESTWARD from Rhett Street on “Line 4” to tie in with the beach fill at Elizabeth Street.  They were at Bryan Street this morning.  In the same vein, the Ellis Island continues pumping from “Line 5” at 14th Street heading EAST towards the lower number street after refueling yesterday (4/11).  They will continue at  12th Street later today after testing Submerged Pipeline #6 (“Line 6”) located near 24th Street this morning (SEE 4/12/2021 PROGRESS MAP.  

Town of Emerald Isle Video:


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Board of Commissioners Meeting - April 13, 2021 

The Emerald Isle Board of Commissioners will convene at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 for the regular monthly meeting. The meeting will be held in the Town Board Meeting Room at 7500 Emerald Dr.

Covid-19 safety protocols, including social distancing and masks, will be in place for this meeting. 

April 13, 2021 Agenda

Public Comment Instructions during Covid-19

You can register to watch this meeting online here:

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Overnight Bridge Closures Planned April 11-15 

The N.C. Department of Transportation is scheduling multiple overnight lane closures on the Emerald Isle bridge beginning this weekend.

The Emerald Isle Bridge will be reduced to one lane on Sunday, April 11, at 9 p.m. Lanes will reopen the following day at 6 a.m. On the evenings of April 12-15, crews will close one lane at 7 p.m. and reopen it at 6 a.m. the next days.

The work includes repairing the bridge seats, which the girders rest on. The repairs were already scheduled for this year but were moved up after a recent inspection.

Flaggers will be at the ends of the bridge directing traffic. Drivers should use caution near crews and the work zone and plan ahead as their commute may take longer than normal.

For real-time travel information, visit or follow NCDOT on social media.


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Covid-19 Vaccines Available to all Adults on April 7 

The following Covid-19 update was issued by Gov. Roy Cooper's office on Tuesday, April 6, 2021:

Governor Roy Cooper and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy K. Cohen, M.D. gave an update on the state’s current data, trends and vaccination progress as tomorrow also marks the opening of vaccine eligibility for Group 5. This means anyone 16 years and older who wants a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination is eligible to get one.

“We remain focused on getting people vaccinated as quickly and as equitably as possible and continuing to slow the spread of the virus,” said Governor Cooper. “The more people we vaccinate, the more we can safely do.”

North Carolina continues to focus on distributing vaccines quickly and equitably. To date, the state has administered over 5.2 million doses. 39 percent of those 18 and up is at least partially vaccinated, and 26 percent of those 18 and up have been fully vaccinated. 

“These tested, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines will help us get back in control of our lives and back to the people and places we love – like safely hugging a grandmother, traveling to see vaccinated family or friends, or having a potluck dinner with your vaccinated neighbors,” said Secretary Cohen.

State health officials are continuing to monitor the presence of COVID-19 and its more contagious variants in North Carolina, which is why it is important to continue to follow the state’s mask mandate and practice safety precautions, including the Three Ws—wear a mask, wait 6 feet apart, and wash hands often. 

Dr. Cohen also provided an update on North Carolina’s data and trends.

Trajectory in COVID-Like Illness (CLI) Surveillance Over 14 Days

North Carolina’s syndromic surveillance trend for COVID-like illness is decreasing.
Trajectory of Confirmed Cases Over 14 Days

North Carolina’s trajectory of cases is level.
Trajectory in Percent of Tests Returning Positive Over 14 Days

North Carolina’s trajectory in percent of tests returning positive is level.
Trajectory in Hospitalizations Over 14 Days

North Carolina’s trajectory of hospitalizations is level.
In addition to these metrics, the state continues building capacity to adequately respond to an increase in virus spread in testing, tracing and prevention.

Additionally, the governor's office released the following information:
Updated reports:
      County Alert System
Note that there are now 5 tiers:
1.    Green: Low Community Spread
2.    Light Yellow: Moderate Community Spread
3.    Yellow: Significant Community Spread
4.    Orange: Substantial Community Spread
5.    Red: Critical Community Spread

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Beach Nourishment Update - April 5-11, 2021 

The following beach nourishment update is from the Carteret County Shore Protection. 

Photo by the Town of Emerald Isle on April 5, 2021. 

ACTIVE NOURISHMENT ZONES (Spring Break Week 4/5 - 4/11/2021)
Liberty Island = "Line 5", 14th Street heading EAST towards 10th Street, 5th Street, etc.
Ellis Island = "Line 3", Heading EAST from a Pipeline Landing at Scotch Bonnet Dr.  Currently at Hurst Road.  Starting on Line 4 at Rhett Street to head WEST this upcoming weekend.



Please note we have three submerged pipeline (LINES) that will eventually be in use this week, hence three different zones.   

(1) The easiest one to conceptualize first (see 4/5/2021 PROGRESS MAP) – the hopper dredge Liberty Island refueled over the Easter weekend and has been sent to serve LINE 5, which is located at 14th Street.  Nourishment will proceed EAST of this point thus expect the area near 14th to 10th Street or even beyond to be active this week.

(2) The largest hopper dredge in the U.S , the Ellis Island is currently serving LINE 3 which emerges on the beach at Scotch Bonnet and nourishment has been advancing EAST from this point.  The spreader plate (where the slurry of sand and water outfalls on the beach) was at Hurst Road this morning and will continue east to roughly Fairfax Road to finish pumping from LINE 3 by April 10th, which leads us smartly leads us to….

(3) On or about April 10th (say this upcoming weekend), the Ellis Island will transition to LINE 4 located at Rhett Street and nourishment will advance back to the WEST as depicted in the 4/5/2021 PROGRESS MAP.

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Beach Nourishment Update - Easter Weekend 2021 

The following beach nourishment update was provided by the Carteret County Shore Protection Office on Thursday, April 1, to offer a snapshot of progress that will be made over Easter weekend. 

Active Nourishment Zones: Easter Weekend - 4/1 - 4/4/2021
Liberty Island = "Line 3", Scotch Bonnet Dr. now heading east towards Hurst Road.
Ellis Island = "Line 4", Pipeline emerges at Rhett Street and Nourishment will Proceed west from this point.

4/1/2021 Update: Ellis Island to finish with Line 2 today and move to Line 4 on Friday, while the Liberty Island will refuel. 

Please see 4/1/2021 PROGRESS MAP for line locations

Don't forget - stay off the dunes.

(A) This evening (April 1st) the large hopper dredge, Ellis Island is going to complete the “tie in” between Craig Street and Arthur Drive, which will conclude all pumping activities associated with “LINE 2”.   Tomorrow (Friday April 2nd) therefore is a big day for two reasons (see 4/1/2021 PROGRESS MAP);

(1) The long Line 2 pipe string extending from the west of Bogue Inlet Pier all the way east to Arthur Drive will be dis-assembled and moved to service Line 4 near Rhett Drive.  This means the beach near Bogue Inlet Pier will be free of pipe this weekend as well.  However, please pay attention and remain cognizant of all the heavy equipment that will be going back and forth between Lines 2 and 4 to move the pipe.

(2) The Ellis Island will begin pumping through Line 4 on April 2, which emerges at Rhett Street - nourishment will progress west from this point. 

(B) The Liberty Island remains pumping off of Line 3 and nourishment is heading east of this pipeline landing at Scotch Bonnett Drive – the “spreader plate” (slurry outfall) was located near East Summer Place this morning heading towards Hurst Street, etc.  Please note however that the Liberty Island is scheduled for refueling – likely Friday (partially) and Saturday. Obviously there will be no activity on Line 3 at this time.   

(C) THE NEW DUNES NEED YOUR SUPPORT! - Please help us help the survivability and integrity of the dunes by keeping away from the new, and even older, plants that we will begin installing later this month.  Wanton, unabated type of foot traffic can be a big issue.  Sea oat plantings were germinated from seed obtained in Emerald Isle back in October of 2020 by our subcontractor EarthBalance.  We stipulated native dune plants must be used taking a “full circle” approach. The dune planting effort just for Phase III project includes well over half a million plants and is a big investment of mostly sea oats from seed, and bitter panicum and seashore elder from cuttings.

You can always find the latest Beach Nourishment updates and photos online at

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Emerald Tidings - April 2021 

Follow the link to view our Emerald Tidings - April 2021 Electronic Edition 

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