Mayor's Island Review

June 2004 

I attended the Memorial Day Service in Beaufort yesterday, and will attend another service in Cedar Point today. I hope all of you took some time out to remember our many veterans that have served in our military over the years. The service in... read more
Posted by Admin Tuesday, June 1, 2004 10:17:00 AM

May 2004 

There are a lot of joys in being Mayor of Emerald Isle, but no joy greater than receiving the following class project written by Celia Jones, an 8th Grade student in Brookneal Va. I Am Really Happy When … Imagine that you are at the ocean in ... read more
Posted by Admin Saturday, May 1, 2004 10:18:00 AM

April 2004 

Spring has been a little late here in Emerald Isle, but by the time you read this, I am sure Spring will be in full swing. Even though the temperatures have been a little cooler than normal, we have had several exciting events that experienced... read more
Posted by Admin Thursday, April 1, 2004 10:20:00 AM

March 2004 

As all of us know, Carteret County is a fantastic place to live, work, and play. However, if you haven't looked lately, there is probably more to do than you thought. We have a great natural areas available to us with the beach, sound, Croatan... read more
Posted by Admin Monday, March 1, 2004 10:22:00 AM

February 2004 

Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC). This term will be frequently heard throughout the United States over the next 12 - 18 months. The Federal government has said approximately 25% of all U. S. military installations will be closed or substantially... read more
Posted by Admin Sunday, February 1, 2004 10:23:00 AM
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