January 8, 2019

TO:                         Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

FROM:                   Josh Edmondson, CZO, Town Planner

SUBJECT:           Consider rezoning ThatsAmazing LLC from (B) Business to (VW) Village West; 8917 Crew Dr, Emerald Isle NC 28594 - (Summary of Suggested Motions)

Transportation Impact is in the planning stages of an addition to their existing facility at 8921 Crew Drive.  Because of this addition, they have acquired the adjacent piece of property addressed as 8917 Crew Dr, PIN 538311570234000.  If you remember, a couple of years ago this entire area was rezoned to the (VW) Village West District.  The previous property owners did not wish to rezone keeping the property Business.  With the addition planned, Transportation Impact will be combining the parcel 8921 Crew Dr with this parcel.  The desire is to have the new combined parcel zoned consistently as (VW) Village West. 

Currently, the parcel is woodland and consist of .464 acres of land.  The surrounding area is predominantly zoned Village West (VW) and Business (B).  The (VW) Village West District allows for a wide array of uses including but not limited to residential, public, retail, wholesale and mixed-use development. This property is shown as mixed use in the Town of Emerald Isle Land Use Plan as found on the Future Land Use Map.  The Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the rezoning as submitted at their December 17, 2018 meeting.     

If the board finds the recommendation to rezone, favorable, I would suggest the following motion and vote:

The rezoning is both reasonable and in the public interest for the following reasons:

  • The proposed rezoning is consistent with the goals and policies in the Town’s Land Use Plan, and


The current and proposed uses of the property are compatible with neighboring properties,

Attached to this memorandum is an excerpt from the Town’s Zoning Map which shows the zoning of adjacent and nearby parcels, an aerial map, an adjacent parcel map, an adjacent neighbors list, the applicants rezoning application, mailing affidavit and a record of zoning amendment with an amended zoning map exhibit.  I look forward to discussing this issue with the Commissioners at their January 8, 2019 meeting.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the foregoing information.