January 8, 2019

TO:                         Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

FROM:                   Josh Edmondson, CZO, Town Planner

SUBJECT:           Review of Transportation Impact Phase II Site Plan - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

Property Information and Existing Site Conditions

Transportation Impact has submitted a site plan to review for a Phase II addition to their existing site.  The existing site is just under 1 acre with a 3-story building and parking situated on the site.  Transportation Impact has purchased the adjacent vacant parcel, which is just under ½ an acre, and a parcel across Crew Dr, which is about 1.1 acres.  Both larger parcels are zoned Village West with the smaller parcel being Business but is requested to be rezoned to Village West.  All surrounding properties are zoned Village West and Business.  The smaller adjacent parcel will be combined with the existing parcel.   

Currently, the small site adjacent to the existing building is vacant woodland and the site across Crew Dr is vacant but used as parking for Transportation Impact.  The garbage collection area for the existing Transportation Impact and an onsite storage building is located on this site as well.

None of these properties is located in an area of environmental concern.  A portion of the site across Crew Dr. is located in the AE 9 flood zone.  This site is also located along the canal running west to east along the northern property line.  There is no portion of the site adjacent to the existing building site in the flood zone.  Existing topography on the sites range from 4’ to about 18’ above sea level.  All sites have Crew Dr as access for ingress and egress.  Carteret Craven EMC is the electrical utility provided and Bogue Banks Water Corporation is the water provider.  This site is currently served by an onsite septic system. 

Site Improvements

Due to the timing and sequencing of construction and improvements, this does not include building elevations and exterior building/commercial structure review.  As you will note later, several improvements have to be completed before construction of the addition can begin.  Therefore, reviewing the site plan first will allow the owner to move forward with land disturbing activities and parking, utility and infrastructure improvements.  Before building permits are issued and construction begins, a review of the commercial structure will have to take place which both the owners and contractor understand.  At this time, those plans have not been finalized and waiting to review both site plan and the commercial building would have put the project 2-3 months behind schedule. 

Disturbance for the redevelopment of this property will be over 1 acre and therefore a new State Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit is needed.  The engineer has already sent that application to the State and expects to receive approval soon.   The new improvements will be the addition of a three-story 16,000 square foot building, additional onsite parking, additional off-street offsite parking, stormwater, landscaping and lighting improvements and tapping into the existing sanitary sewer system at Emerald Plantation.  Also, note the addition of a future expansion on the site plan as well. 

The TRC reviewed the site plan and offered the following comments to the developer:

Site Plan and Stormwater Plan

  • Please show a 30’ buffer from the edge of the Canal
  • Please show any new lighting additions for the new parking lot across Crew Drive
  • Please add a note that if the natural buffering along the canal does not meet the 8’ opaque vegetative screen requirements, additional plantings will be added to ensure compliance
  • Please add note about landscaping of new parking lot as well as adjacent lot matching existing landscaping on the current build site
  • Submit final stormwater calculations
  • Add fire hydrant to the NE Corner of the Property
  • Review adding a pedestrian cross walk or pedestrian feature to allow for safe movement across Crew Dr between the building site and parking lot

Notes of Interest

  • FDC should be relocated before construction
  • Existing fire hydrant will be turned by Bogue Banks Water Corporation
  • Existing gas tank will be relocated
  • Sewer line cut and bore in Crew Dr will be done before March or in April before Easter Weekend; if needed to be pushed out further will be done before the middle of May
  • Stormwater will be a modification to the existing stormwater permit for Phase I
  • Provide variance letter from Carteret Craven EMC for encroachment of small portion of the new building in the Electric Easement
  • Sequence of construction as of TRC meeting
  • Construct new parking lot across street on Crew Dr
  • Cut and bore new sewer line
  • Demolish existing parking for building expansion
  • Construct Addition
  • Tie into Emerald Plantation Sewer System
  • Abandon existing septic system
  • Construct parking over old septic system

The site plan includes the revisions requested by the TRC.  The following highlights the major site improvements that have been reviewed by staff and meet the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance:   

  • Setback/MB Lines – 10’; buildings well out of required setbacks
  • Proposed Driveways – One existing driveway 24’; Addition of two driveways both to be                 


  • Proposed Drive Isles – All proposed drive isles to be 24’ except where parking angle is 45                                         degrees, drive isle will be 20’
  • Materials for Parking Lot – Typical asphalt detail
  • Proposed Parking – 138 Total Spaces

                                    70 Spaces Off-street Onsite

                                    68 Spaces Off-street Offsite; see remote parking space requirement

                                    All remote parking spaces are within 400’ of the main entrance

                                    247’ from existing entrance and 375’ from new entrance

 Remote Parking Space

If the off-street parking space required by this section cannot be reasonably provided on the same lot on which the principal use is located, such space may be provided on any land within four hundred (400) feet of the main entrance to such principal use, upon review by the Planning Board and approval by the Board of  Commissioners.

  • Garbage Areas – Existing area screened with 6.5’ vinyl fence
  • Fire Hydrants – 2 existing hydrants onsite, 1 hydrant added to Northeast corner
  • Vegetative Area – 25% newly combine lot, 17% lot across Crew Dr
  • Building Height – 40’
  • Lighting – New lighting to match existing
  • Landscaping – Landscaping to match existing; includes 5’ vegetative buffer along NC 58                              as required
  • Waste Water – Abandoning existing onsite septic system and tying into sewer system at

Emerald Plantation; this will involve the sewer line being placed in the Crew Dr right of way; The Emerald Plantation System has capacity for 50,000 gallons per day; Currently the system operates about half capacity at 25,000 gallons per day; Transportation Impact is requesting to add 5,000 gallons of additional waste water a day; This system is operated by a private company Aqua.

The Planning Board reviewed the proposed site plan at their December 17, 2018 meeting.  The Board suggested adding some pedestrian signage around the crosswalk area for additional safety of pedestrians crossing from the remote parking area to the building site.  Staff will work with the owners, engineer and contractor on this issue to select the correct placement on signage type. 

A few additional items to note.  The stormwater management plan will be submitted to the Town’s consulting engineer for review.  Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative has issued a variance to allow a small portion of the new addition to be within the electric utility easement.  Aqua North Carolina Inc. is the sewer provider for the project and has certified the capacity for additional wastewater to enter the system. 

There are a number of items for your review included with the memo.  These items are as follows:

The Planning Board recommended approving the project contingent upon receiving the soil and sedimentation approval, final stormwater approval and agreement for sewer improvements in the Crew Dr right of way.  If the Commissioners so choose I would recommend an approval with these contingencies by the Commissioners as well.  I look forward to discussing this with the Commissioners at their January 8, 2019 meeting.