DATE:                    February 12, 2019

TO:                        Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

FROM:                   Josh Edmondson, CZO, Town Planner

SUBJECT:             Review of Commercial Building Transportation Impact Phase II - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

We have received the Commercial Building to review for the Transportation Impact Phase II project.  For this review we look at the following features lighting, exterior color, decorative construction, outside wall facings and building elevations/height. (Attachment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

First, let us discuss the proposed lighting.  The building will have the same sconce type fixtures mounted on the exterior wall as the existing building has.  These are shown on the elevation pages and pictures of the lights have been attached on the existing building for your review.  There will also be can lights under the eaves and at the trim/soffits over the doors, similar to the existing building (pictures also attached -1, 2).  Staff and the Planning Board found the lighting to satisfy the requirements of the UDO 

Second, let us look at the proposed exterior colors.  As you can tell from the color elevation sheets, the new addition will match the original building color scheme.  The colors should meet the requirements to be of low reflectance, subtle, neutral or earth tone colors.  After review, staff and the Planning Board believes the proposed exterior colors that match the existing structure comply with this requirement of the UDO.

Third, let us review the decorative construction and outside wall facings of the structure.  As you review the elevation sheets note this is a very sleek and classy building with no decorative features as outlined in the UDO.  Next, you will note the 20’ visual break is accomplished using architectural design features such as windows, building recesses, variation in building materials and colors.  Please note that on the north building elevation there is an area about midway through the new addition with a blank space on the 2nd and 3rd story outer walls.  This space between the small windows and the building offset is 19’10”.  On the first floor, the distance between the window and building offset is greater than the required 20’.  The Planning Board directed staff to work with the architect to find a solution to this area but approved the overall design based on resolving this one issue.  Staff has contacted the architect who will be adding a window to match those on the above levels.    

Overall, the Planning Board forwards the commercial review to the Commissioners with a favorable recommendation. There are several items included with this memo to review as follows:

Color Elevation Sheets

Elevation Sheets 1/8” scale

Interior Building Layout by Floor

Pictures of the Existing Lighting

I look forward to discussing this with the Commissioners at their February 12, 2019 meeting.