February 12, 2019

MEMO TO:        Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:             Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

SUBJECT:       Comments from Interim Town Manager - (Monthly Statistical Report)

After three months on the job, I offer this report on activities and updates through the end of January, 2019.  Enclosed for your review are the monthly departmental reports and supporting statistical information.

As indicated in my most recent edition of the Town’s newsletter which was released on 2/1/19 and which has now been posted on the website, much progress has been made on municipal priorities since last report.  I provided updates on continuing storm recovery efforts, the upcoming beach nourishment project, the Town Manager recruitment process and budget development efforts for FY 2019-2020. 

I continue to receive very positive feedback from citizens, businesses and other interested parties in response to these newsletter publications and other distributed communications.  Of course a high priority for the administration at this time is completing preparations for the upcoming Board budget/goal planning work session on February 18th.  I appreciate the feedback I have received from the staff and from members of the Board on items of interest.  I anticipate this being an informative and productive meeting and I applaud your willingness to commit your time to this worthy endeavor. 

Having reviewed previous Emerald Isle work session documents and having had a variety of experiences with other elected boards in facilitating these type meetings, I am excited about the opportunity.  That said, the approach planned will vary to some extent from the format of prior years, but I believe it will be effective and achieve the desired results to provide feedback and guidance to the administration in planning for the upcoming budget cycle and in the years that follow.

In terms of other items of interest to report, I continued to attend meetings and events to represent Emerald Isle’s interest locally and regionally during the past month.  The following are highlights:  attended the Carteret County Board of Commissioners meeting at which they approved the beach project funding recommendation allowing the project to proceed;  continued individual meetings with department heads to enhance my “EI” knowledge, tour facilities and to discuss future budget needs and other departmental priorities;  met with the Planning Board, Golf Cart Advisory Committee, Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Dog Park Advisory Committee and Fishing Tournament Committee;  participated in the NCDOT Highway 24 Corridor Study Stakeholders Committee kickoff meeting;  attended with the Mayor the Swansboro Manager reception, the Emerald Isle Business Association monthly meeting and the reopening event for Mac Daddy’s of Cape Carteret; participated in the employee OSHA safety training class;  attended the Beach Nourishment Project pre-construction meeting with engineers, contractors, municipal officials and environmental permitting agencies;   attended the N.C. League of Municipalities sponsored broadband meeting in Jacksonville;  and, attended the N.C. City & County Managers Association winter conference in Winston-Salem.

I may have other updates which I will share at the meeting.  I continue to appreciate the opportunity to serve.