February 13, 2018

MEMO TO:        Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:             Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager

SUBJECT:       2018 Street Resurfacing - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

The Board of Commissioners is asked to approve the 2018 street resurfacing contract at the February 13 regular meeting.  The attached resolution authorizes the Town Manager to execute a contract with Onslow Grading and Paving (Jacksonville, NC) at a unit price of $9.00 per sq. yard of asphalt for a total street length of 1.2 miles.  The total contract amount would not exceed $125,000, including associated traffic control.  The contract amount is significantly less than the Town’s FY 17-18 Powell Bill allocation of approximately $149,000.

Additionally, the developer of Publix is contributing $10,000 toward this resurfacing contract to address pavement deterioration at the intersection of Reed Drive and Islander Drive that has been exacerbated by the roundabout detour.  This contribution reduces the Town’s net cost for this contract to $115,000, and the remaining Powell Bill funds will be reserved for additional street resurfacing work in the future.  The Board is also asked to approve the attached budget amendment to formally appropriate this $10,000 contribution for street resurfacing. 

The street segments included in the recommended contract include:

  • the segment of Crew Drive from Coast Guard Road to Mallard Drive, a distance of approximately 0.4 mile,
  • the segment of Islander Drive between Crew Drive and Reed Drive, a distance of approximately 0.1 mile,
  • the segment of Reed Drive between Coast Guard Road and Loon Drive, a distance of approximately 0.7 mile, and
  • the very short segment of Mallard Drive between Emerald Drive and Reed Drive in front of Hot Wax Surf Shop and The Growler.

As discussed with the Board last year, the Town has been planning all along to resurface the 0.4 mile segment of Crew Drive from Coast Guard Road to Mallard Drive to complement the privately-funded improvements to Crew Drive and Mallard Drive in the vicinity of the new Publix grocery store.  This work will result in a completely brand new Crew Drive road surface for the entire length.  Along the same line of thinking, the other segments of Islander Drive, Reed Drive, and Mallard Drive are recommended for resurfacing in order to result in a completely brand new street network in this entire area of Emerald Isle.  As you know, Crew Drive and Reed Drive are popular alternate routes (to NC 58), and are among the more heavily travelled Town-maintained streets in Emerald Isle. 

As you know, Reed Drive between Islander Drive and Loon Drive has served as a detour route for the past 3 months during roundabout construction.  The approximately 0.1 mile segment of Reed Drive near the Islander Drive intersection was already in poor shape (and had been patched several times in the past), and the condition was worsened by detour traffic.  Due to this deterioration, the developer of Publix has agreed to contribute $10,000 toward this contract, which will provide for approximately 0.1 mile of resurfacing. 

The Town solicits street resurfacing quotes each year in the winter for the resurfacing of various street segments in Emerald Isle in the spring.  Onslow Grading and Paving, Jacksonville, NC, has submitted the lowest price quote each year for many years, and has been awarded every street resurfacing contract during that time.  Because Onslow Grading and Paving is already performing significant paving work for the Publix project, and is already in close proximity to the Town’s planned work, Town staff recently solicited a price quote from Onslow Grading and Paving for this nearby work.  Onslow provided a unit price of $9.00 per sq. yd. for the 2018 street resurfacing work, which is significantly less than the 2017 contract pricing (various unit prices generally in the $10.00 - $13.00 per sq. yd. range).  The 2017 street resurfacing contract awarded to Onslow also included 1.2 miles of resurfacing at a total cost of approximately $150,000, thus the 2018 contract is $25,000 less for the same amount of street length. 

As noted earlier, the Town’s FY 17-18 Powell Bill allocation is approximately $149,000.  With the addition of the $10,000 contribution from Publix and the recommended 2018 contract amount of $125,000, we anticipate a remaining balance of approximately $34,000 for additional street resurfacing work in the future.  Depending on the needs later this spring, we may attempt to utilize these funds to address issues resulting from the significant snow and ice this winter (in various areas of Emerald Isle), or may simply reserve these funds for the 2019 street resurfacing contract. 

As discussed in the past, the Town maintains a total of 46 miles of public streets, and at one time the Town had a stated goal to resurface 2.3 miles of streets each year (which equates to each street being resurfaced once every 20 years).  Due to declining Powell Bill revenues and significant increases in resurfacing cost over the years, the Town has not been able to meet this goal for several years.  The Town’s recent historical street resurfacing totals are as follows:

            2017     1.2 miles

   2016     1.2 miles

   2015     1.3 miles (Coast Guard Road)

            2014     2.7 miles (Ocean Drive in eastern EI)

            2013     0.4 miles (purposely rolled money forward to 2014 for Ocean Drive)

            2012     2.1 miles (Ocean Drive in central EI)

            2011     1.1 miles

            2010     1.2 miles

            2009     1.45 miles

            2008     1.8 miles

            2007     2.15 miles

            2006     2.0 miles

            2005     2.3 miles

            2004     2.4 miles.

Despite the decline in annual street miles resurfaced, the Town’s overall street network remains in relatively good condition, although the snow and ice this winter have taken a greater toll on our street network.   Looking ahead to the 2019 street resurfacing contract, we hope to include the streets in the Ocean Oaks neighborhood (Pinewood Place, Ocean Oaks Drive, and Page Place), which are likely among the other streets with the greatest need for resurfacing.  

If approved by the Board at the February 13 meeting, we expect all street resurfacing to occur later this month or in March, nearly immediately after all paving work associated with the Publix and the roundabout is completed.  As noted earlier, our goal is to create a completely brand new street network in the entire area between Coast Guard Road and the Emerald Plantation Shopping Center.   

Artie Dunn will attend the February 13 meeting to present this item to the Board, and will be available to answer any questions you may have.