February 14, 2017

MEMO TO:        Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:             Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager

SUBJECT:       Bogue Inlet Drive Improvements - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

The Board of Commissioners is scheduled to consider three items that would result in the construction of comprehensive improvements to Bogue Inlet Drive between NC 58 and Bogue Inlet Pier.  The Board will consider a resolution authorizing a construction contract with SunLand Builders, Newport, NC, in the amount of $135,000 for the planned improvements, and also consider a related General Fund budget amendment and capital project ordinance amendment to appropriate an additional $15,000 for this project. 

Bogue Inlet Drive is a town-maintained street with a 50 ft. wide right-of-way, and all work included in the scope of this project will occur in the public street right-of-way.  As discussed at recent Board meetings, the project involves the following improvements:

  • removal of the existing 4 ft. wide sidewalk on the east side of Bogue Inlet Drive,


  • realignment of the Bogue Inlet Drive vehicle lanes by shifting the lanes approximately 7 ft. to the east (roughly in line with the eastern edge of the existing sidewalk),


  • complete resurfacing of the vehicle travel lanes to result in a brand new road surface, including new pavement markings,


  • construction of a new, 10 ft. wide, dedicated asphalt bicycle path along the west side of Bogue Inlet Drive,


  • construction of a new, ~ 10 ft. wide vegetated storm water swale between the new bicycle path and new vehicle travel lanes, with installation of zoysia sod in all disturbed areas,


  • installation of 5 new decorative street lights (to match those along NC 58 in the “downtown” area), and


  • the strategic planting of new trees in select locations within the new storm water swale (not included in scope of proposed construction contract, to be completed later by Town staff).

I have attached a copy of the Construction and Bid Guidelines for the project, and aerial photo maps and a survey are included in this information packet.  The Town invited informal bids from three contractors that have completed previous similar projects for the Town in January, provided the attached Construction and Bid Guidelines, and reviewed the Town’s expectations on-site with each of the three contractors.  The Town received three bids for this project:

  • SunLand Builders, Newport, NC             $135,000,
  • Thomas Simpson Construction, Atlantic Beach, NC          $175,000, and
  • Barnhill Contracting Company                                         $322,241.


SunLand Builders has completed several similar projects for the Town in a quality manner, and we are confident that SunLand can complete the Bogue Inlet Drive improvements project in a quality and timely manner.  Alesia Sanderson, Parks and Recreation Director, will be the Town’s main point person during construction, and will work closely in the field with SunLand’s personnel to coordinate the exact placement of the new bicycle path segment.  Both Artie Dunn, Public Works Director, and I will be assisting as needed. 

The Board previously approved a budget of $120,000 for this project, and that amount did not include funding for the resurfacing of Bogue Inlet Drive, which we intended to fund separately with Powell Bill revenues that are earmarked for street resurfacing.  Because the proposed contract with SunLand Builders includes the cost to resurface Bogue Inlet Drive, and because the additional amount needed is only $15,000 (we had expected to transfer up to $35,000 from Powell Bill revenues for this project), I am recommending that the Board approve the attached General Fund budget amendment that reduces expenditures in the Planning and Inspections budget by $15,000 and allocates these funds for the Bogue Inlet Drive improvements.  The Town is fortunate that contracted services costs for building inspections are tracking significantly below the budget estimate, so the attached General Fund budget amendment will not affect building inspections services in any way.  This approach enables the Town to utilize Powell Bill revenues for other street resurfacing needs, and essentially enables the resurfacing of two small street segments (9th St. and 10th St.) this year that would otherwise be delayed.  The attached capital project ordinance is procedural in nature, and simply formally appropriates this $15,000 in the project budget.

I look forward to completing these beneficial improvements in the coming weeks, and believe they will result in significant functional and aesthetic enhancements in this area.  The Bogue Inlet Drive streetscape will essentially be brand new, and the new bicycle path will provide a safer, easier way for bicyclists and pedestrians to access Bogue Inlet Pier, a popular destination for residents and visitors. 

If approved by the Board at the February 14 meeting, we expect construction to begin later in February, with a goal to complete all work prior to April 30 so that the improvements are in place before the bulk of the 2017 tourism season. 

Alesia Sanderson will attend the February 14 meeting to present this item to the Board, and she and I will be available to answer any questions you may have.