May 14, 2019

MEMO TO:        Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:             Laura Rotchford, Finance Director

SUBJECT:       Pre-Positioned Disaster Debris Removal Services

The Town recently requested proposals from several firms for debris removal in the event of a hurricane.  The Town received five proposals from qualified contractors for it’s Pre-Positioned Phase II – Disaster Debris Removal Contract.  This contract is for a two-year term and would only be activated if a hurricane strikes and the Town needs outside assistance to remove storm debris.  The Scope of Work for this contract includes removal of both vegetative and construction/demolition debris along the Town’s rights-of-way and beach strand.  It also includes dangerous tree and hanging limb removal services.

As in past years, the Town recommends award of two pre-positioned contracts – the primary contract to be awarded to the lowest overall responsible bidder and a secondary contract to the next overall lowest responsible bidder.  The primary contractor will be the Town’s first call in the event of a disaster event; whereas the secondary contractor will only be called if the primary is not responsive, or if it is deemed necessary to have more than one contractor to assist with the total scope of work.

Town staff reviewed the qualifications and unit prices of each of the five proposals and recommends the proposal of Custom Tree Care, Inc. of Topeka, KS as the primary contractor at the unit prices included in the bid tabulation.  Custom Tree Care, Inc. has recent experience in Carteret County and other coastal areas of North Carolina following Hurricane Florence, and was the Town’s second-call contractor during Fiscal Year 18-19.

In the unlikely event a second contractor would be necessary, Town staff recommends Santee Modular Homes, Inc. of Santee, South Carolina.  Santee Modular Homes, Inc. is the contractor who provided services to the Town following Hurricane Florence.  Santee is agreeable to being contacted as an alternate at the proposed unit prices included in the bid tabulation.

In the event of a formal Notice to Proceed by the Town Manager, both contractors agree to begin debris removal operations within two days of notice.

I recommend approval of the attached resolution.