MEMO TO:           Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

FROM:                  Alesia F. Sanderson, Parks and Recreation Director

SUBJECT:           Citizen Request for Matching Donation-Ocean Oaks Park Renovation  - (Summary & Suggested Motions)  - (Agreement) (General Fund Budget Amendment)

I have been working with Erin and Doug Starcke in reference to the renovation of Ocean Oaks Park over the past eight months. The Starckes expressed a desire to make a donation from their family foundation in order to make this project possible.

The Starckes frequently visit the Senator Jean Preston Park and specifically requested the poured in place surfacing used in that park for the Ocean Oaks Park renovation. With a great deal of input from Doug and Erin I requested a meeting with Nick Gutman, Regional Sales Manager for Playworld Preferred who is was also the vendor for Senator Preston Park.

The project design has been tweaked by the Starckes and myself a few times and I have attached the design that all parties concur is the best option to optimize play opportunities and components at the park while following a nautical theme that the Starckes requested. I have attached the final proposal for consideration. The Starcke Family Foundation will donate $50,000 toward the project if the Town will contribute the additional $52,358 to complete the project. The total of $102,358.19 does not include the $6909.18 of the $109,267.37 on the quote attached as the Town will receive reimbursement on sales tax.

If the Board of Commissioners accepts the proposal the Starcke Family would like to see the park completed prior to July 1, 2019. After review with the vendor staff feels that is an adequate time line if we move quickly.

This is an incredibly generous donation by a family with young children who reside in that area. It is also an area where many young families with children live and the renovations will provide first class recreational opportunities for a large number of our younger population.

The Town has the opportunity with this donation to expand and improve a playground that is deficient in play apparatus that needs replacing into a state of the art Neighborhood Park.

Staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss further.