TO:                         Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

FROM:                   Josh Edmondson, CZO, Town Planner

SUBJECT:           Special Plat, Site Plan and Commercial Review of Proposed Development by A-Team on Islander Drive - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

Special Plat Preliminary Review and Approval

As part of the proposed development at 201 Islander Drive, the A-Team has submitted a preliminary plat for review and approval as required in Section 2.4.6 Special Plat Approval in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  This is the first mixed use development of its kind in Emerald Isle and as such only those plat requirements outline for special plats in  2.4.5(2), 2.4.5(3) and Section 2.4.6 are applicable.  These sections have been included for your review.  The requirements for preliminary plat approval can be found on the preliminary plat approval and site plan sheets.  Based on the information provided it is staffs opinion that the requirements for preliminary plat approval have been met.  Once all improvements are complete, the Developer will submit the final plat for review and approval before recording the plat with the Carteret County Register of Deeds Office.

Site Plan

Property Information and Existing Site Conditions

A-Team has submitted a site plan to review for a proposed development at 201 Islander Dr.  The site is approximately 2.63 acres.  The site is zoned Village West and surrounding properties are zoned Village West, Government and Residential Multi-Family.  The site is currently vacant vegetated land with the exception of a small parking lot and old mobile home office unit located on the southeast corner, which will be demolished.  There is also an existing concrete wall running along the western and northern property line of the site.  The site is not located in an area of environmental concern nor any special flood hazard area.  Existing topography on the sites range from 14.5’ to about 20.5’ above sea level.  Crew Drive and Louise Avenue border the site.  Carteret Craven EMC is the electrical utility provided and Bogue Banks Water Corporation is the water provider. 

Site Improvements

Disturbance for the development of this property will be over 1 acre and therefore a State Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit is required.  The engineer is in the process of submitting this to the State.   The new improvements include 11 mixed-use structures and 17 townhome units.  All units with be 3 story units with the 11 mixed used structures having commercial on the bottom floor with residential on the remailing 2 floors. 

The site plan includes revisions requested by the TRC.  The following highlights the major site improvements that have been reviewed by staff:

  • Setback/MB Lines – minimum 10’ required along both Islander and Louise Ave; 15’ required along western property line boarding Residential Multi-Family development
  • Proposed Driveways –  one driveway 24’ in width at Northeast corner of site and second driveway 24’ in width at southwest corner of site                                  
  • Proposed Drive Isles – All proposed drive isles to be 20’, meets minimum requirement necessary for Fire Apparatus access; Drive Isle to be one-way
  • Materials for Parking Lot – Typical asphalt detail and permeable pavement
  • Proposed Parking – 114 Total Spaces; 72 off-street parking spaces and 42 on street parking spaces (see plan for residential and commercial parking breakdown)
  • Garbage Areas – To be located at Northwest corner of the property
  • Fire Hydrants – 3 hydrants, 1 on Northwest corner, 1 on Northeast corner and 1 one Southeast corner
  • Vegetative Area – 19,221 sq. ft. or 16.75% (15% required)
  • Building Height – 40’ actual
  • Lighting – Propose 13 Pole Lights with low levels of illumination to be less than 20’ in height
  • Waste Water – Onsite Septic System
  • Additional Items to Note
  • Sidewalk installed on property to be for public use
  • Existing concrete wall meets screening requirements of site from the adjacent property zoned Residential Multi-Family
  • Islander Dr. between Reed Dr. and Louise Ave may become One-Way (discussion for Commissioners as part of Town streetscape project)

The stormwater management plan is being reviewed by the Town’s consulting engineer using the redevelopment option

Commercial Review

For this review, we look at the first phase of the project, which is buildings 1-11.  We will take a look at the following features lighting, exterior color, decorative construction, outside wall facings and building elevations/height. 

First, let us discuss the proposed lighting.  Any lighting on the buildings will be located or shielded so that no offensive glare will be visible from an adjoining street or property.  The Developers are proposing to put 13 pole lights less than 20’ in height to provide low levels of illumination in parking and sidewalk areas. Second, let us look at the proposed exterior colors.  As you can tell from the color elevation sheets and color palette and material selection all buildings, appear to meet the requirements to be of low reflectance, subtle, neutral or earth tone colors.  Third, let us review the decorative construction and outside wall facings of the structure.  As you will note the 20’ visual break is accomplished using architectural design features such as windows, building recesses, variation in building materials, porches, signage and colors.  In addition, as noted on the glass calculation sheet for each building, no one unit exceeds the 35% maximum allowance for glass and window facings.  The actual building height of each building will be 40’.   

There are a number of items for your review included with the memo.  These items are as follows:

The Planning Board at their April 29, 2019 found the plan to comply with the UDO and forwards this to the Commissioners with a favorable recommendation with the following contingencies:

  • Providing the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit from NC DEQ
  • Obtain approval from the Town for the Stormwater Management Plan
  • Providing approval from the Carteret County Environmental Health Office for the waste water system

If the Board of Commissioners so choose to issue approval, my recommendation would be to approve with the above contingencies as outlined and voted on by the Planning Board and their  meeting.  I look forward to discussing this with the Commissioners at their May 14, 2019 meeting.