July 9, 2019

MEMO TO:           Matt Zapp, Town Manager

FROM:                  Laura Rotchford, Finance Director

SUBJECT:           General Fund Budget Amendment

The Board of Commissioners is asked to approve the following General Fund Budget Amendment:

During fiscal year 2019, there were two large projects entered into and committed for expenditure during the fiscal year, however, the contractor was not able to complete the work prior to fiscal year end close.

  • Carteret Craven Electric Coop – Downtown Lighting Improvements $52,500
  • Coastal Garage Door Services – Public Works Bay Doors $4,744

Both of the expenditures listed above are included in the Public Works Department, and this budget amendment would appropriate fund balance in the amount of $57,244 to cover the expenditures in FY 2020.

I recommend approval of the attached budget amendment.