DATE:                  July 2, 2019                

TO:                     Matt Zapp, Town Manager

FROM:              Josh Edmondson, CZO, Town Planner

SUBJECT:       Revocation of Special Use Permit for Verizon Wireless Cellular Communications Tower Site Located at 3301 Emerald Dr. - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

If you remember, the Commissioners at their April meeting approved the Special Use Permit for the installation of a 40’ monopole communications tower.  Since that time, an appeal was filed by several neighbors to the Carteret County Superior Court through a writ of certiorari.  In June, we were contact by Verizon requesting to withdraw the Special Use Permit.  Upon receiving this request, staff forwarded to Town Attorney Richard Stanley.  Attorney Stanley then drafted the attached Termination of Special Use Permit, which CELLCO Partnership has signed.  At the Commissioners July meeting, the following action is required:

  • A motion to terminate the special use permit and to rescind the approval of the special use permit and the finding of fact from the record
  • By taking these actions, the Commissioners are preventing the wireless provider the opportunity to come back and approach the Town to move forward with the project at a later date without first going through the special use application process again.  I look forward to discussing this issue with the Commissioners at their July meeting.