September 12, 2017

MEMO TO:           Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:                  Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager

SUBJECT:           Budget Amendment – General Fund

The Board of Commissioners is asked to approve the attached General Fund budget amendment to adjust the financing plan for the new Olde Cove Road golf cart path approved at the Board’s last meeting.  The attached budget amendment does not change the total $15,000 budget established for the new golf cart path, but simply shifts the accounting for this project to the annual General Fund budget.

The attached budget amendment formally recognizes the $7,500 contributed by an Olde Cove resident to cover 50% of path construction cost, and simply shifts the Town’s $7,500 share from the “transfers to capital projects” cost-center to the Public Works Department’s annual budget.  All golf cart path construction costs will be accounted for in the Public Works budget.

I recommend approval of the attached General Fund budget amendment.