September 13, 2016

MEMO TO:           Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:                  Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager

SUBJECT:           Osprey Ridge Storm Water Pump Station - (Summary & Suggested Motions)

The Board of Commissioners is scheduled to consider the attached resolution authorizing a contract with SunLand Builders, Inc., Newport, NC for the construction of a new storm water pump station to serve the Osprey Ridge subdivision at the September 13 meeting.  The total contract amount is $149,955, and exceeds the established budget for this project by $29,955.  The Board will also consider an associated General Fund budget amendment and capital project ordinance amendment at the September 13 meeting to formally appropriate the additional funds necessary for the construction contract.   

The attached resolution authorizes the construction of the Town’s 7th storm water / ground water pump station (in addition to 2 additional privately owned pumps in the Lands End subdivision that are connected to the Town’s system) along the Coast Guard Road corridor to serve the Osprey Ridge subdivision.  As you know, the Osprey Ridge subdivision has experienced significant nuisance flooding during and after extreme rainfall events, particularly during times when the water table has been elevated.  The new pump station will actually be located in Emerald Isle Woods Park, immediately adjacent to the Osprey Ridge subdivision, and the new pump station will be connected hydrologically to established storm water management features in Osprey Ridge.  The new pump station will draw storm water directly from established storm water management features in Osprey Ridge, and then discharge the pumped storm water into another area of Emerald Isle Woods Park that serves as the Town’s overall storm water management receiving site for all pump stations located along the Coast Guard Road corridor. 

The new pump station is very similar to the Town’s 6 existing pump stations located at Deer Horn Drive, Doe Drive, Conch Court, Shipwreck Lane, Colonel Henson Court, and Island Circle, however, it includes a more powerful pump assembly than the Town’s other pump stations.  The planned Osprey Ridge pump station includes a surface water intake in a pond / wetland feature in the southeast corner of Emerald Isle Woods Park that is connected to an existing canal that is a significant storm water feature in Osprey Ridge.  (Maps indicating the location of the new pump station are attached.)  The connection from the canal to the pond / wetland feature will be enhanced as part of this project to insure more consistent, unobstructed flow through the pump station.  The new pump station will operate on an automatic float system, and the floats will be set to manage the canal / pond / wetland at desired levels before, during, and after heavy rainfall events.  Based on past experience with small temporary pumps in this area, and modeling completed by Moffatt & Nichol (the Town’s consulting engineers), we have high confidence that the new pump station will effectively resolve nuisance flooding concerns in the Osprey Ridge subdivision. (Attachment 1, 2)

Because this project is well below the formal bid threshold established in the NC General Statutes, the Town invited informal bids from local contractors with whom the Town has enjoyed a productive working relationship in recent years.  Informal bids were due on August 31, and the Town received informal bids from SunLand Builders, Inc., Newport, NC in the amount of $179,955 and Thomas Simpson Construction, Morehead City, NC in the amount of $188,320.  The Town’s established budget for this project is $120,000, thus the bids significantly exceed the established project budget.  The project specifications distributed to potential bidders included a higher quality pump assembly and control panel features than the Town has used for previous pump station projects, and in an effort to reduce the project cost to a more manageable amount, I have worked with Moffatt & Nichol Engineers and SunLand Builders to select an alternative pump assembly and control panel features.  These alternatives will not compromise the effectiveness of the new pump station, and result in total cost savings of $25,000.  Additionally, we will be working with SunLand during the construction process to reduce the amount of excess material to be removed from the site, and will allow strategic placement of some material in other areas of the park near the project site.  Special care will be taken to minimize impacts on existing vegetation, and our goal is to leave the park in a “natural” looking state upon completion of the project.  This change results in an additional $5,000 savings.  Thus, the total contract amount will be $149,955, and will require the allocation of an additional $29,955 for this contract.

As noted, the capital project ordinance established for this project includes a total budget of $120,000 for this work.  The attached General Fund budget amendment appropriates an additional $35,000 for this project (to provide a small contingency amount) from General Fund balance.  As you know, I am usually very reluctant to appropriate General Fund balance, however, the Town expects to realize a larger surplus from the close-out of FY 15-16 than initially projected (we expect a total surplus of approximately $100,000), and thus I am comfortable recommending the appropriation of $35,000 for this project.  As you know, this project was identified by the Board as its top priority for FY 16-17.  The attached capital project ordinance amendment simply recognizes the $35,000 transfer from the General Fund for this contract.  

The specifications for this project include a 120-day construction period from the date of the notice-to-proceed, and if approved by the Board, I intend to award a construction contract as soon as possible after the September 13 meeting.  My goal is to complete construction of the new pump station by late 2016 or early 2017. 

I recommend approval of the attached resolution, General Fund budget amendment, and capital project ordinance amendment.