November 13, 2018

MEMO TO:        Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:             Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager

SUBJECT:       Resolution Authorizing Change Order - Pre-Positioned Hurricane Debris Removal Contract

The Board of Commissioners is asked to approve the attached resolution authorizing a change order to the Town’s previously executed pre-positioned hurricane debris removal contract with Santee Modular Homes, Inc., Santee, SC.  The attached resolution authorizes two beneficial contract amendments that allowed the Town to dispose of construction and demolition (C&D) debris much quicker than envisioned in the original pre-positioned contract, and also allowed the Town to have dangerous trees removed very quickly in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

As you know, the Board approved the Town’s annual pre-positioned debris removal contract in May prior to the hurricane season.  Santee began working for the Town on September 21, soon after Hurricane Florence departed our area.  Shortly after work began, and once the full magnitude of the amount of C&D debris was realized, it became advantageous to change the disposal location for C&D debris.  Because the Town’s historical experience has resulted in very small amounts of C&D debris, the original contract provided for disposal of C&D at the regional landfill in Tuscarora, NC, an approximately 80 mile round-trip from the Emerald Isle bridge.  The regional landfill uses scales to measure debris, and the original contract included per ton rates ranging from $63.50 - $73.50 per ton.  The travel time to-and-from the regional landfill is significantly longer in comparison to the temporary debris management sites established by the County in Peletier and Newport, and both the Town and contractor sought to reduce wasted travel time.  Because the temporary debris management sites are not equipped with scales, Santee agreed to honor the same contract price for C&D debris that was established in the original contract for vegetative debris disposed at these site:  $7.50 - $7.70 per cubic yard. 

Additionally, several dangerous leaning or damaged trees and hanging limbs along street right-of-ways were identified soon after Hurricane Florence departed our area.  Santee was already equipped and available to cut, gather, load, and haul these trees and limbs, and offered competitive rates for this service.  In the interest of quick and efficient removal of these trees and limbs, the Town directed Santee to proceed with this work.  If the Town had not issued this notice to proceed, it is likely that this work would have taken much longer to be completed while also posing a potential safety hazard for a longer period of time.

The attached resolution formally authorizes the $7.50 - $7.70 per cubic yard rates for C&D debris disposed at the County’s temporary debris management sites.  The attached resolution also formally authorizes the following rates for dangerous tree removal:

$75.00 per tree for dangerous hanging limbs,

$75.00 per tree for dangerous leaning trees less than 12 in. diameter,

$350.00 per tree for dangerous leaning trees between 12 - 24 in. diameter, and

$500.00 per tree for dangerous leaning trees greater than 24 in. diameter.

Town staff and debris monitoring contractors identified over 700 dangerous trees throughout the Town.  The Town’s Purchasing Policy authorizes the Town Manager to execute amendments which are less than $20,000, however amendments greater than $20,000 must be authorized by the Board of Commissioners.   The amendment to modify the location of the C&D disposal site is expected to yield a total cost savings, however the total cost of dangerous trees is expected to be approximately $57,000.  The Town expects nearly all debris collection and disposal costs to be reimbursed by FEMA.

I recommend approval of the attached resolution.