Application for Regional Access Parking Permit

Emerald Isle taxpayers are eligible to receive 2 annual free parking permits for the Eastern Ocean Regional Access and Western Ocean Regional Access. The parking permits will be granted only for vehicles registered in the name of the taxpayer and are not transferable. The permit decal must be for the current year and be permanently affixed to the driver’s side windshield. Improper placement of decals may result in paying the parking fee, confiscation or possible citation. Lost or confiscated permits will not be reissued.

The sticker cannot be obtained at the regional beach access facilities, and must be obtained prior to visiting the regional beach access facilities. To obtain your parking permit, please visit the Emerald Isle Police Department (7500 Emerald Drive) or call (252-354-2021) Please note: You will need to bring a current vehicle registration(s) and Driver’s License with you when applying for your permit.

As an alternative to filling out the above online form you can use a pdf version found here:  Parking Permit Application