April 13, 2010

Board of Commissioners

The Board welcomes any comments that you may have on the following  issues.  Please email them to the Town Manager, and he will pass them on to the Mayor and Commissioners.  To insure that the Mayor and Commissioners receive this information, emails must be received no later than 12:00 PM on the day of the scheduled meeting.  Thank you in advance for your comments.

Action Agenda
TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010 

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Opening Prayer
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Adoption of Agenda 
    (Agenda adopted by 5-0 vote adding *Item 13.5 - Resolution Authorizing Sale of Town Owned Surplus Property at 104 Sheris Court, Craven County)
  6. Proclamations / Public Announcements
    1. National Tourism Week
  7. Special Presentations
    1. Bill Hargett, Police Chief – 30 Year Employee
    2. Jeff Waters, Police Lieutenant – 25 Year Employee
  8. Consent Agenda
    1. Tax Refunds / Releases
    2. Resolution Authorizing Annual Financial Audit Contract
    3. Resolution Opposing Revision of the NC Transportation Equity Formula
    4. Resolution Supporting Legislative Authority for Use of Terminal Groins
      (Consent Agenda Items approved by 5-0 vote)
  9. Public Comment
  10. Ordinance Amending Chapter 5 – Density, Intensity, and Dimensional Standards – of the Unified Development Ordinance Regarding Building Heights in the Government District
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Consideration of Ordinance
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  11. Commercial Site Plan Review- Sandbox Grill (Bogue Inlet Drive)
    (Approved by 5-0 vote)
  12. Ordinance Amending Chapter 5 – Beach and Shore Regulations – of the Code of Ordinances Regarding Digging of Holes on the Beach Strand
    (Approved revised version of Ordinance Amendment by 5-0 vote to also include increase of civil penalty from $50 to $100)
  13. Beach Services Improvement Plan< >Plan Details 
    (Board concurred with plan)Budget Amendment – General Fund
    (Approved by 5-0 vote)Budget Amendment – General Fund – Old EMS Station Sale Proceeds
    (Approved by 5-0 vote revised General Fund Budget Amendment - proceeds to reduce debt service on fire engine)
  14. Contract Extension – Emergency Medical Services
    (Approved by 5-0 vote)
  15. Appointment – Board of Adjustment – 1 Vacancy
    (Reappointed by 5-0 vote James Normile to Alternate 2 position on Board of Adjustment - term expires May 2012)
  16. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Town Manager
  17. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
  18. Adjourn
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 04/13/2010