April 2003

Spring Litter Sweep

It is time for Spring Cleanup again. Join us at the Western Ocean Regional Access Park (next to the Islander Motel) for our Spring Cleanup Day on April 26. We will be gathering at 9 AM, cleaning assigned areas for about 2 hours, and then returning to the park for hotdogs, and drinks (donated by local businesses) around 11 AM. This will be a great time to mix with friends, renew old acquaintances, and meet new friends.

Keeping Emerald Isle clean is, and always will be, a joint effort between Public Works, Parks and Recreation, local school groups, citizens, businesses, and visitors.  Thanks to all of you that contribute to this effort throughout the year. In addition to the actual cleanup day, I encourage everyone to look around their own neighborhoods and tidy up the areas that may have gotten a little messy over the winter. We all get frustrated by the trash we occasionally see on our beaches and streets, but for the most part the town, beach, and sound is very clean.

As in the past, we will be cleaning beaches, ocean walkways, soundside walkways, and areas of the sound. In addition, we want to concentrate on Emerald Drive between Town Hall and the bridge. Emerald Drive from the car looks very clean, but if you walk or cycle in the area, you will see many cigarette butts and other small pieces of trash.  Joining us for the Emerald Drive effort will be Steve Schneider (Steve is the guy that you normally see in the trash scooter) and Ron Mizesko of the Public Works Department. Town vehicles with flashing lights will be with the groups on Emerald Drive to slow down traffic and make it safe for the volunteers. This will be a good chance for you to meet Ron and Steve, and let them know how much you appreciate the efforts of Public Works, and Parks and Recreation. They will be sure to pass on the comments to all of their co-workers.

Gloves, bags, reflective shirts, etc will be furnished by the town. So come on out, do something for the community, and have a great time doing it. For individuals and groups that want to participate, but can’t on April  26; please call me at 354-3424.

Remember, “The reason volunteers are not paid, is that if they were paid what they are worth, we couldn’t afford them”. 

Posted by VC3 Admin Tuesday, April 1, 2003 10:48:00 AM