August 2006

Two more proud accomplishments in Emerald Isle.  In late July, ceremonies were held to dedicate the Emerald Isle Woods Park and Phase II of the Bicycle Path. Both events were well attended and both are getting heavy use by citizens and visitors.

Emerald Isle Woods Park is located on the sound side of Coast Guard Road. It is a 43 acre tract that was purchased several years ago mostly with a Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) grant. The main purpose of the area is for storm water control, but the CWMTF has allowed us to use the high areas for a park. There are hiking areas through the woods, picnic facilities, a boardwalk to the sound, a floating pier, and parking. Diane and I took a picnic and ate dinner there one night. For the hour or so that we were there at least 20 people came walking by of all ages. Some just looking at the sunset, some fishing, and some just walking. All had very positive comments. Make a point to visit the new park and thank past and current Commissioners and Town Staff for the excellent end product.

Phase II of the Bicycle Path runs from Merchants Park to Blackskimmer. We now have two miles of completed bike paths in addition to two miles of sidewalks. This allows people to ride from Coast Guard Road to 3100 Ocean Drive without having to ride on heavily traveled Emerald Drive. I am sure you have noticed the almost constant usage of the bike paths by a wide range of individuals; bikers, joggers, walkers, and motorized wheel chairs. All of this additional activity makes the town look very vibrant. Another great job by past and present Commissioners and Town Staff.

This brings up another issue and that is litter along our bikeways, roads, and on the beach. Our town crew and many citizens do a great job of removing litter. However, it is not long after removal that someone else litters. Please do what you can to prevent litter, and I appreciate every little piece of litter that you can pick up. Every piece of litter encourages more litter, so the quicker it is gone, the better. Litter Sweep will be publicized in September, so gather up some friends and do what you can in your neighborhood.

Posted by VC3 Admin Tuesday, August 1, 2006 3:45:00 PM