August 2008

Emerald Isle Business Association

Over the years, the Emerald Isle Business Association (EIBA) has done a lot for the folks of Emerald Isle. The Association currently has members, mostly from Emerald Isle, but also from other parts of western Carteret County, such as Cape Carteret, Cedar Point, and Swansboro. They are “the voice” for businesses in Emerald Isle, keep their members informed on Emerald Isle issues/happenings, and most important to me, they are true members of the “community”.

At just about every event that happens in Emerald Isle, they are playing a role in one way or another. For many events, they provide volunteer workers, for others individual members volunteer on their own, and individual EIBA members frequently provide items or services to help with the event. I want to tell you about some of the main events of which they are the lead organization, or play a significant role.

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The biggest annual event that is held in Emerald Isle by the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department and for which the EIBA is the presenting sponsor. Most of you have probably been, but if you haven’t, you need to make this a “don’t miss” next year.

The Police Department had a Crime Free Party Night for Kids in April with lots of fun activities. It required a good number of volunteers to work at the different activities and the EIBA membership provides a lot of those volunteers. They also provided free hotdogs and drinks. It was a great opportunity for youngsters to have fun and to mix with our emergency services workers; Police, Fire, and EMS.

Another event is the DAY4Kids that Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation will be doing on September 20. This is another event that needs lots of volunteers to pull off, and EIBA provides many of them. It is a fun learning experience for kids and parents, and a great time for kids and parents to spend time together.

This year will be the 5th year for the Emerald Isle Triathlon. This event grows every year and is jointly sponsored by the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department and the EIBA. Another event requiring a lot of volunteers and involves early ones too. Set-up usually starts about 5:30 AM on the day of the event. A fun time for all, and a great fundraiser which EIBA puts back into the community.

Then we get to the Holiday/Christmas Parade. This is held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and celebrates the end of a successful tourist season, Thanksgiving, Christmas and in general the start of the holiday season that runs through New Years. This will be the 5th year of the parade of which the EIBA and the Town are sponsors and my wife Diane has been the Coordinator/Organizer. Another event that requires a lot of volunteers and the EIBA provides a lot of them.

And lastly, are the scholarships. Each year, the EIBA provides scholarships to deserving local high school graduates. This past year, they awarded scholarships to 10 well deserving students.

The EIBA is a true member of the “community” and is always a willing participant in any community activity. They/we can always use additional volunteers to help with the events, so please contact me if you are interested in participating in these events or others. We appreciate all of the volunteers that participate in town events, but we can always use more. It is a great way to meet new people and be a part of the “community”.

Posted by Admin Friday, August 1, 2008 2:59:00 PM