August 2009

Diane and I have been having a great time hosting an incoming college freshman from Kabul, Afghanistan for three weeks. She has been accepted into the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women (IEAW) program which provides 4 year scholarships and will be attending Brenau University in Gainesville Georgia. There are five incoming freshmen staying in Emerald Isle, Cedar Point, and Swansboro. Gaining acceptance into the program is highly competitive and all of the girls are very appreciative of having been accepted. The purpose for the visit to our area is to learn a little about the American life style, to undertake some academic preparation, and to see the sights in the area. One of our highlights so far has been teaching our guest (she has become more of a daughter than a guest) how to ride a bicycle. She has learned quickly and this has been a great confidence builder for her since Afghan women do not participate in athletic activities. Alicia Baucom of Cape Carteret is the coordinator for the IEAW program and we thank her for bringing the girls to our area for introduction to America.

As of August 1, two turtle nests have hatched in Emerald Isle, both with high hatch rates. This has been a good year for sea turtles in Emerald Isle with a total of 16 nests as of August 1, twice the number of nests found last year. The first nest was laid in late May and the last nest so far in early August. There could be more nests by the time you read this, but early August is pretty near the end of nesting season. The eggs usually hatch 55-60 days after being laid, so nests should be hatching through the end of September. The best pictures I have seen of a nest hatching are on the Friends of Emerald Isle’s Facebook Page at Check out the Photo and Video Tabs on the Facebook Page to gain a lot of good information on the turtle nesting and hatching process. The pictures and video are of a daytime hatch (which is rare) and are very good. Thanks to Kevin Geraghty for providing them.

Be sure to attend the 4th Annual Emerald Isle DAY4KIDS which will take place on September 19 from 10am-2pm at the Emerald Isle Community Center (7500 Emerald Drive). There are lots of fun activities and exhibits planned for the entire family. I hope to see you there.

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