August 2010

A Little Dis and Dat

The drawing for the Beach House Raffle will be on September 7. Be sure to get your tickets and tell all of your friends. Thanks to generous property owners who donated a week’s rental, you can win a one week rental and at the same time raise money to help build more multi-use paths along Coast Guard Road. For details see or call 252-354-8546. Many people have said “I will do it later”, and now is later. Special thanks to all those who have bought tickets and will buy tickets. If you are not interested in the raffle, but want to support more multi-use paths, then donations are gladly accepted.

This has been a great year for turtle nests. As of the end of July, 22 nests have been laid and four nests have hatched. Nests will be hatching at least through the end of September. Check out for current information on hatchings and for a video of a daytime hatch in August 2008. Most hatches take place at night and are hard to see, so this film of a day time hatch is extra special. 22 nests in Emerald Isle is the most number of nests that I can remember in one year. Before our beach nourishment projects, some were concerned that the projects would drive the turtles away. Many of these nests were laid where there was no beach before renourishment so to me, renourishment has been beneficial for the turtles.

The Turtle Patrol is very active in Emerald Isle. The beach is divided into sections, and a member of the patrol walks the beach each morning looking for “turtle tracks” (looks sort of like a big tractor tire). When nests are found, the area is marked off with tape and Public Works installs a post with the nest number. The nest will hatch in about 55 days and volunteers stay at the nest during the hatching time to help get the hatchlings to the ocean. Some times the nests get vandalized, but be aware that sea turtles are an endangered species and very stiff penalties are involved.

I continue to get numerous comments from visitors that our town is much cleaner than other beach towns. Our paid staff takes great pride in keeping the town looking nice and does a great job. There are also numerous volunteers that walk the beach and multi-use paths picking up trash on a regular basis. Groups like the Turtle Trotters, Civitan Club, Girl Scouts, concerned citizens and visitors, and I am sure I left some out. In any case, all of your efforts are appreciated and you do make a difference. My wife was in Ireland and saw signs for “Tidy Towns”. She has designated Emerald Isle as a “Tidy Town”. Lets all help keep it that way.

Summer is fast coming to an end, but September, October, and November are the best times of year in Emerald Isle. So come on down.

Posted by VC3 Admin Sunday, August 1, 2010 12:40:00 PM