August 2012

“Little Pink Houses of Hope (LPHOH)”. What a great organization. The organization was started by Jeanine Patten-Coble just two years ago. They provide week long beach retreats in the Carolinas for breast cancer patients and their families. They believe a cancer diagnosis does not just affect the patient, but the entire family. Every beach retreat is designed to help families. They spent the week of late July – early August in Emerald Isle and had a great time.

Ted Humphrey who has a second home in Emerald Isle was responsible for putting together the week in Emerald Isle. He lives in Burlington NC and is a friend of Jeanine Patten-Coble, the founder, and Executive Director; and also a breast cancer patient nearing the end of her treatments. I first became aware of the organization last Labor Day when Ted announced at a picnic that he was looking for people to donate homes for a week long stay in Emerald Isle. From that initial announcement, six homes were obtained for the patient families and another for the volunteers.

This is another story about how Emerald Isle Area people are so giving. I met all six of the families and many of the volunteers on the beach at a surfing lesson. All of them had nothing but positive things to say about “Little Pink Houses of Hope” and the warm welcome from the people in the Emerald Isle area. Six families were picked and well over 100 applied. One recipient said she was thrilled when she heard her family had been picked, but wasn’t sure it would be as good as advertised until she got hear. The six couples went out to dinner one night (volunteers watched the kids) and someone in the restaurant sent two bottles of champagne to the table. They had a pool party, and two of the Emerald Isle beach life guards volunteered to life guard for them. Several of the volunteers were participants in one of last year’s trips and appreciated it so much that they wanted to give back by volunteering with this trip. Numerous other groups/individuals provided services during their stay. I would like to list all of the contributors, but as you would expect, most of them want to remain anonymous.

I do want to mention one group that went above and beyond. That is Ocean Cure out of Carolina Beach. They provide surfing, paddle boarding instruction, etc to all of the LPHOH beach trips and to other organizations such as Wounded Warriors. I met them on the beach and they were very enthusiastic about giving to others and all of them were in the 30 year old range. My obvious question for them was since you give away so much of your time, how do you support yourself?  They are school teachers, give surfing lessons for a fee, and love working with people of all ages.

Read more about both of theses organizations at and at None of the patients in the group had been to Emerald Isle and very few of the volunteers, but by the end of the week all of them were planning future trips back to the area.

Thanks to everyone that gave this group such a warm welcome. It was much appreciated by all.

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