August 2013

It is always great to hear about someone in the community that has an idea for a community event and wants to head it up. I get lots of suggestions for great community events, but very few suggesters that are willing to be the primary organizer. That was not the case with Candace Dooley. She contacted the Town Manager (who became a member of the committee) with the idea of having a 1/2Marathon and a 5K Race in the spring of 2014. Not only did she have the idea but had a committee lined up to help organize the event (Dorla Pake, Bryson McLean, Noelle Ricks, Annita Best, Amy Reardon, Emily Sylvester, and Frank Rush). Over the years I have had contact with most of the committee members and I can assure you they are all hard workers. This will be a successful well organized event.

The event is the Emerald Isle Half Marathon and 5 K (includes walkers) and the inaugural event will be held on March 29, 2014. It will start at the Western Ocean Regional Access (102 Islander Drive or 9003 Louise Court) at 7 am for the 1/2  marathon and at 7:20 for the 5 K. The proceeds will be used to help fund improvements/extensions to the Emerald Isle Multi-Use Path. The FY 2013/14 Emerald Isle Budget includes funds to complete the path along Emerald Drive to the Indian Beach town line and down Coast Guard Road to Ring Street. That will probably take a couple of years to complete and there are other areas that could use “multi-use path”/ sidewalk improvements.

You can sign up for the ½ Marathon and 5 K on . Just key in Emerald Isle in the search box at the top of the page. For more information, feel free to contact Candace Dooley at or check . She and her committee members are also looking for additional community involvement.

Also the 10th Annual Emerald Isle Triathlon will take place on October 19 at the Eastern Ocean Regional Access. The event starts at 8 AM and is presented by the Emerald Isle Business Association and Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation. The race includes a 750 meter swim in the Atlantic Ocean, 19.3k bike and a 5k run. To register, please visit  and for more information, contact 252-354-6350.

According to the 23rd “Testing the Water: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches” report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Emerald Isle received high ratings for both water quality and water quality monitoring. The Town puts a lot of effort into preserving good water quality. Things like stormwater retention ponds, having to retain the first two inches of rainfall on site for new construction, removing older discharge areas, etc. It is great to be recognized for it.

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