Barbara Davis Author Webinar Announcement

Thursday, October 22, 2020
7:00 PM
8:30 PM

Barbara Davis Webinar

By Helen Aitken

In the third of a four-part virtual author series, the Friends of Western Carteret Public Library will host acclaimed novelist Barbara Davis, on Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 PM.

Barbara Davis’ website touts her work as “A little history. A little mystery. A little romance,” and her six books extoll some of the best fiction writing today. She is the author of The Secrets She Carried, The Wishing Tide, Summer at Hideaway Key, Love, Alice, When Never Comes, and most recently, The Last of the Moon Girls.

The storylines are unexpected, the characters are complex, and the backstories are woven in expertly. All six of Ms. Davis’ books have rated four out of five-star reviews, and recently, The Last of the Moon Girls reached the number-one book purchased on Kindle.

During the webinar, Ms. Davis will discuss the books The Last of the Moon Girls and When Never Comes, both from Union Lake.

In When Never Comes, is a second chance story of hope and redemption. The protagonist, Christy-Lynn believes that nothing is permanent nor a promise sacred as experienced from her upbringing, marriage, friends, and dreams. She says, “…There are things we can change and things we can’t. The key is knowing the difference.” Eventually, she’s forced to accept the present, learns to forgive, and is willing to move on.

The Last of the Moon Girls reads like a paranormal mystery. The Moon women are suspected to have “abilities” that many in the community fear … “Just because we can’t explain a thing doesn’t mean it’s not real.” The Moon creed is “Harm None.” Yet, when two murders are blamed on Althea Moon, her granddaughter Lizzy Moon returns home to clear Althea’s name and in the process, she struggles with who she is and must decide her own destiny.      

Barbara Davis spent more than a decade as a jewelry business executive but then left the corporate world to write. She is a self-proclaimed Jersey girl raised in the South and now lives in New Hampshire. Visit Ms. Davis’ website at, or on Facebook, Barbara Davis-author.

The webinar is free to the public, but registration is required. Several signed paperback copies will be given away to webinar visitors.

Register for the webinar at:, or by email,  For more information on how to join the webinar, call the Western Carteret Public Library, (252) 648-7728.

Helen Aitken is the Publicity Chair for the WCPL Friends, and is a freelance writer from Swansboro, N.C.