Beach Nourishment Project Complete; Plants installed soon

The Carteret County Shore Protection Office has announced that the bulk of the Beach Nourishment Project is now complete. You can read the latest update below:

On Monday, April 26, the hopper dredge Liberty Island delivered the last load of sand around 6 a.m. to tie in just east of the Eastern Ocean Regional Access, with the beach fill of the Ellis Island, which was completed Sunday evening.

That’s roughly 220 and 115 total loads of sand for the Liberty Island and Ellis Island, respectively. We have completed the dredging/pumping phase of the project a few days ahead schedule – 9.4 linear miles of beach and over 2,015,000 cubic yards of sand since February 27, 2021, across far western and central/east Emerald Isle. A dump truck holds roughly 12 cubic yards, as a mental image.

Please note demobilization of pipe, bulldozers and other yellow steel, sleds, sheds, and even the CRAB is in full swing and will be tightly staged on the beach at the “Dog-Leg” 4WD Access as this equipment is removed from the beach at this point via flatbed trucks. This should take a week or two to fully complete. Dune plantings start next week.

A big thank you to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock for their commitment to the project and professionalism (for 3 years in a row!). A huge pat on the back as well to property owners, residents, visitors, our friends at Bogue Inlet Pier, and our great local real estate companies for your understanding during the project – we’re very cognizant of the impacts of a 24-hours/7-days-a-week oceanfront construction project.

Oceanfront property owners are reminded that the dune plantings must be complete before sand fencing can be installed. You will need to reach out to the Planning and Inspections Department beforehand to get the proper permit. Town Planning Director Josh Edmondson can be reached at 252-354-8548. View our Sand Fencing PSA here


Posted by Anna Smith Monday, April 26, 2021 1:55:00 PM Categories: News