Beach Nourishment Update - Easter Weekend 2021

The following beach nourishment update was provided by the Carteret County Shore Protection Office on Thursday, April 1, to offer a snapshot of progress that will be made over Easter weekend. 

Active Nourishment Zones: Easter Weekend - 4/1 - 4/4/2021
Liberty Island = "Line 3", Scotch Bonnet Dr. now heading east towards Hurst Road.
Ellis Island = "Line 4", Pipeline emerges at Rhett Street and Nourishment will Proceed west from this point.

4/1/2021 Update: Ellis Island to finish with Line 2 today and move to Line 4 on Friday, while the Liberty Island will refuel. 

Please see 4/1/2021 PROGRESS MAP for line locations

Don't forget - stay off the dunes.

(A) This evening (April 1st) the large hopper dredge, Ellis Island is going to complete the “tie in” between Craig Street and Arthur Drive, which will conclude all pumping activities associated with “LINE 2”.   Tomorrow (Friday April 2nd) therefore is a big day for two reasons (see 4/1/2021 PROGRESS MAP);

(1) The long Line 2 pipe string extending from the west of Bogue Inlet Pier all the way east to Arthur Drive will be dis-assembled and moved to service Line 4 near Rhett Drive.  This means the beach near Bogue Inlet Pier will be free of pipe this weekend as well.  However, please pay attention and remain cognizant of all the heavy equipment that will be going back and forth between Lines 2 and 4 to move the pipe.

(2) The Ellis Island will begin pumping through Line 4 on April 2, which emerges at Rhett Street - nourishment will progress west from this point. 

(B) The Liberty Island remains pumping off of Line 3 and nourishment is heading east of this pipeline landing at Scotch Bonnett Drive – the “spreader plate” (slurry outfall) was located near East Summer Place this morning heading towards Hurst Street, etc.  Please note however that the Liberty Island is scheduled for refueling – likely Friday (partially) and Saturday. Obviously there will be no activity on Line 3 at this time.   

(C) THE NEW DUNES NEED YOUR SUPPORT! - Please help us help the survivability and integrity of the dunes by keeping away from the new, and even older, plants that we will begin installing later this month.  Wanton, unabated type of foot traffic can be a big issue.  Sea oat plantings were germinated from seed obtained in Emerald Isle back in October of 2020 by our subcontractor EarthBalance.  We stipulated native dune plants must be used taking a “full circle” approach. The dune planting effort just for Phase III project includes well over half a million plants and is a big investment of mostly sea oats from seed, and bitter panicum and seashore elder from cuttings.

You can always find the latest Beach Nourishment updates and photos online at

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